5 Free Agents the Heat Should NOT Sign

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We’ve heard it before, the oft-repeated mantra of every professional athlete. If the Miami Heat had a dollar for every time it’s been said they’d be a billion dollars under the salary cap.

“It’s a business.”

It’s true, and there’s no denying it. Players have been forced, over time, to publicly state time and again how important it is to win a championship. That’s the attitude people want to hear, that millionaires are willing to sacrifice millions more to bring the joy of winning to their fans.

But the truth is harsher than we’d like to admit and while we expect players like LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade to give up more money than most of us will ever know, it’s not something most people would willingly do themselves. Besides, the teams have their own reasons for wanting to win, most of all financial. Is it fair to expect individuals to pass up more lucrative deals so that a franchise can stand to profit?

Whether it’s fair or not, both sides of the equation want what’s best for them. It could be winning or it could be money. Rarely it’s both. But, with that in mind, the following list is the exact opposite of that business-before-pleasure concept.

The following are five free agents, by position, that Miami should simply stay the hell away from just because, well, because I don’t want them here and it’s my list.

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