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Miami Heat Free Agency Live Rumors and News Tracker

The Miami Heat are facing a lot of pressure this free agency as they need to try and find a way to keep LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh together for the next few years.

But so far there’s been what seems to be so-so effort on the part of the Heat to get things going and as a result things are slipping away from them in the process.

Miami needs something to go their way but after four years of having the Big 3 in town, it appears that the Heat’s luck has run out.


[Update: 7/8/14 12:18AM] Marc Stein ponders if Carmelo Anthony is waiting for Chris Bosh to make a decision on signing with the Rockets so that he can come to Miami with LeBron James.


[Update: 7/7/14 3:38PM] Following the deal with Josh McRoberts, the Miami Heat have signed free agent Danny Granger to a two-year deal worth $4.2 million.


[Update: 7/7/14 3:05PM] The Miami Heat have agreed to a four-year, mid-level deal with Charlotte Hornets free agent big man Josh McRoberts.


[Update: 7/7/14 9:46AM] It appears that Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh are losing faith that LeBron James will be back in 2014-15.


[Update: 7/7/14 9:15AM] LeBron’s return to the Cavaliers is pretty much a done deal, says random and totally plugged in Cleveland cupcake shop.

Just texting with a friend who is directly tied in with Lebron and his camp, and he swears on his life ‪#‎TheReturn‬ to Cleveland is a done deal. Per his sources, calls have already been made to other current Cavaliers to spread the news. If this is true, and like anything on the internet, take that with a grain of salt… are you ready to get out your old jersey and welcome Lebron home?!?


[Update: 7/7/14 9:06AM] It appears that the Cleveland Cavaliers are shopping Marcus Thornton and Jarrett Jack in an effort to clear cap space for LeBron James.


[Update: 7/6/14 8:55AM] That letter Dan Gilbert wrote back in 2010 that blew up LeBron for leaving the Cavaliers has seemingly come back to bite him in the final stretch of landing LeBron back in Cleveland.

The Cavs still have several hurdles to overcome. Rival teams are skeptical that James and Gilbert will be able to patch up their differences in the wake of James’ televised “announcement” and Gilbert’s subsequent open letter that attacked James’ character and got him fined by then-commissioner David Stern. There has been a cooling of the tension between the parties in recent years, but James still harbors some ill feelings that both would have to attempt to settle before any partnership could be renewed, sources said.


[Update: 7/6/14 10:25pm] It appears that after a weekend of hearing they have no chance of re-signing LeBron James, the Miami Heat will have a face-to-face meeting with him this week.


[Update: 6/5/14 11:11AM] Luol Deng remains on the Heat’s wish list of free agents and as a result Pat Riley brought head coach Erik Spoelstra with him to Chicago to meet with Deng and try to convince him to sign in Miami.


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  • 9blackdog

    It looks like Pat Riley continues to be Dan Gilbert by bringing in cheap parts around Labron and expect him to exhaust himself again next season. It is not going to work. The heat had an opportunity to create a dynasty. However, they went on the cheap and relied on Labron to be a work horse or some type of Mandingo.

  • Real M-Fing talk !!!

    Some in the media should not speak on basketball, when they have Zero clue about the game…
    comparing Cleveland to the Heat… They have the great Pat Riley and who does the Cavs have as G.M…. in 4 years what has The great Pat Riley done to improve the team, the players did the hard part !

    The Heat have Wade and the Cavs have a lot of young parts, inexperience…. Miami’s with Wade and Bosh are better than what they have in Cleveland… SMH… you mean the same Wade who cannot play another full season , the same Wade who gets blown by on defense by any guard with speed… the same Wade that shows up against the dregs and disappears against great teams… the media is still talking about Wade like he is the Wade of 4, 5 years ago… Wade is the person they saw in the finals, going forward he will have a few great games but wont be a regular contributor…. If Wade is still this great player i challenge anyone to tell me 1 team with champoinship aspirations that will trade one of their top 3 players for Wade?…. and this is the guy Lebron should trust going forward, i would not even trade a top 3 player from Cleveland for Wade and Bosh alone wont keep Lebron in Miami…

    and finally coach Spoelstra next to Bosh and Riley the greatest coat tail rider ever… i can make a great argument that mike brown with the same talent would have won 2 ring in 4 years, people need to stop giving credit to Spoelstra for just being there !