Miami Heat vs. Toronto Raptors Report Card


LeBron James: A-plus. Just another night at the office, with a triple double and another win. Some beautiful ball was played beside Wade, one of many, many chances we’ve seen and will get to see of why these guys teamed up. Sure, there was that one strange instance of LBJ throwing it into the stands in the last minute of regulation, but it looked like Ray Allen kept moving there when he was expected to stop at the wing. Either way, a stunning performance, and another case of us being spoiled.

Dwyane Wade: A-plus. I hate to describe something as “vintage” but that’s what this was. Straight out of 2009-10, Wade led in scoring, piled on other stats with five boards and seven assists, and took over the second half. He was 7-of-8 in the third quarter, which one could make a living doing,  I guess. You have to wonder if all the  “Wade has lost it” talk is driving him, but he’s looking as good as ever. Plus, his jumper has never been better

Chris Bosh: B. It was an unremarkable double-double for CB1, though he was only 6-of-12 from the line (meaning he got 13 shots rather than the seven showing on the stat sheet) he got boards and played defense. Granted, the Raptors are bereft of talent around the basket right now, so this should have been a big night for him, but with how Wade was shooting, you can’t be mad. It’s plain Bosh has moved on from the Toronto era, other guys would have been driven to destroy their old team because that’s how basketball works. Maybe it’s just his nature. Still, it was a fine game.

Ray Allen: A-minus. Ray-Ray made buckets, like he was brought to do. Allen was 7-of-10 from the floor with 18 points, made the big three in overtime, and grabbed his cursory two boards. Somehow he had a negative six +/-, but whatever. Come off the bench, make the big three, don’t worry too much about defense. I’m pretty sure that’s what the contract he has says. Mr. Riley likes to keep it simple.

Heat dirty work: B. The Heat nearly doubled the Raptors up on the boards, 53-28, Shane Battier gave a strong 26 minutes, and the Raptors leading scorer was forced to shoot 18 to score 20. Plus, Norris Cole showed some fire and caught a technical. Want me to shine up those four-point plays? Well, Miami was putting in the effort and sending runners out to the three point line, a bit too much effort and vigor was expended is all. It’s that scrappiness that will drive the Heat to the title with that lack of size they get to experience, so it’s nice to see during a January game against a bad team. Fun game, all in all.