Who is the Miami Heat’s Most Clutch Player?

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4. Ray Allen

PSYCH!  No, that was not Ray Allen’s shot in Game 6 of the 2013 Finals to save the season against the San Antonio Spurs.  Here is just an example of what having the greatest shooter in NBA history on your team can do for you.  Allen finished with 4 threes and 19 points in what actually turned out to be a loss for Miami in October in Philadelphia.  However, Allen’s third quarter heroics gave Miami the lead going into the fourth, and that is usually a greater measure of clutch basketball when it comes to a player off the bench.

However, Allen, unlike many sixth men, expects to and usually does play in the final minutes of all close games.  His ability to draw defenders to him and open up the paint for LeBron James like Moses parting the Red Sea down the stretch is crucial to Miami’s ability to play small ball.

J. Shuttlesworth is also a great perimeter defender and has come up big on the defensive end on numerous occasions.

But I think when it comes to the word “clutch” and the name “Ray Allen”.  Forever, this shot will be brought up again and again and yet again.  In the words of Mike Breen, “Back out to Allen.  His three-point. BANG!”.  Overtime.  Victory.  Game 7.  Eventual NBA Champions.  It doesn’t get much more clutch than that.