Meeting The Heat’s New Additions

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Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Josh McRoberts, Power Forward:

Heat fans will remember McRoberts as the guy that elbowed LeBron James in the throat during Miami’s first round series with Charlotte. I’m guessing he’s not such a bad guy now, right?

(I’m kidding.)


While McRoberts will help with his ability to stretch the floor (36% from three last season), it’s his passing that Heat fans should be excited about (4.2 apg in 2013-14). Unlike Rashard Lewis, kicking the ball out to McBob doesn’t necessarily mean he’s taking the first shot he gets; cutters going to the basket have to keep their heads up as the ball could be coming their way. It’s another wrinkle to the Heat offense that opposing defenses need to be aware of. The Spurs had their way with Miami in the Finals because guys like Tiago Splitter and Boris Diaw were able to move the ball and keep San Antonio’s offense in constant motion.

McRoberts isn’t known as a big-time rebounder (4.8 rpg, last season), but he also played alongside Al Jefferson, which allowed him to stray away from the basket. When he arrived in Charlotte midway through the 2012-13 season, McBob finished his last 26 games averaging 7.2 rebounds a night. I’m guessing he finishes somewhere in between – he had close to 6 rebounds, per 36 minutes, last season – as he and Bosh are going to have to be more aggressive on the glass.