Heat Must Wonder What Could Have Been

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Chris Bosh, 1 year, $14 million (player option for a second year at $15 million):

Miami retains Bosh’s Bird Rights, so they can offer him a one year deal to give flexibility for the rebuild. Then, he opts out at the end of the season and re-signs for 4 years, starting at about $22 million, then going up each year. Yes, I’m cheating, but it’s legal. Overall, he gets a deal valued at roughly over $102 million. Bosh comes out the winner.

Downside: the terrible injury to Indiana’s Paul George (get well soon, PG) is a reminder that there are risks to playing completive basketball. Obviously, that occurred after our pretend free agency period, but this is always on a player’s mind. Let’s say Bosh takes the risk.

Dwyane Wade: 2 years, $29.5 million (deal starts at $14 million, then bumps to $15.5 million):

It’s about $2 million less than what he really signed for, but it’s in the ballpark. Again, if he’s sold on our sales pitch, then he’ll sign on. Besides, no one else is coming close to matching that.

Udonis Haslem: 2 years, $5.4 million (Room Exception):

Same deal he signed for. I’m not messing with UD.

Heat drafted Shabazz Napier, so he’s due $1,238,640. We’ll bring on James Ennis ($507,336), and Justin Hamilton ($816,482). Everyone else, we’re renouncing their Bird Rights.

We’re trading Norris Cole for a future second round pick. We need the additional cap space, since roster charges (valued at the rookie minimum, multiplied by the empty spots until 13 – $507,336 times 7 comes out to $3,551,352) will restrict us a little bit.

If we add up all the salaries, including roster charges, it’s at $36,813,810. The salary cap is at $63,070,000, so we have $26,256,190 in space available. Quite the pocket change.

So let’s go shopping. Again, this is who I’m going after in a pretend universe.