Heat Must Wonder What Could Have Been

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Filling out the roster.

Shawn Marion, SF – 1 year, $1,448,490 (Minimum Salary)

Funny thing is, Marion still might be an option for the Heat, as his market hasn’t developed like he probably had hoped. I’m actually surprised that he hasn’t gotten a similar deal like the one that Carter got with Memphis, as Marion is still a good wing defender, and a solid shooter (48% overall; 35% from three) that he can be an asset for any team. This feels like a future Bulls signing. Now I’m sad.

Back to our fantasy world, Marion would slide into the starting small forward spot, while also filling the role that Danny Granger was brought in to play. He can also slide to the 4, when Spoelstra decides to go small and leave Bosh or Gasol on the bench.

Emeka Okafor, C – 1 year, $1,448,490 (Mininum Salary)

Okafor would be the 2014-15 reclamation center project, as he follows in the footsteps as Erick Dampier, Eddy Curry, and Greg Odon. Congratulations on the honor, Emeka!

Still an option for the Heat, as Okafor sat out this past season with a bad back. There might not be a lot for him to offer, but he can at least try to fill the role that Chris Andersen has played as a shot blocker. I’m not exactly comfortable paying Andersen $5 million a season, but that’s what it took to keep Birdman from flying to Cleveland. If he were willing to sign for the minimum, then that’s great. If not, Okafor would get the nod.

E’Twaun Moore, SG – 1 year, $981,084 (Minimum Salary)

Just released by the Magic, Moore is a 35% career three-point shooter that can have fill-in minutes for stretches of the regular season when Wade has to sit. Probably won’t get off the bench for the playoffs.

Michael Beasley, SF – 1 year, $1,227,985 (Minimum Salary)

Because why not?