Heat Must Wonder What Could Have Been

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Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

So we’re at 13 players and a total salary of $67,919,859 (give or take), leaving two roster spots (minimum roster is 13) for developmental guys or veterans that gets bought out during the season. Backup point guard and another big man might be spots that need to considered, but other than that our fake team looks pretty good on paper, although health issues are going to be a concern for some of these guys. But this is definitely a team you can get excited about as an Eastern Conference contender for the next two seasons.

As for the summer of 2016, everyone except Bosh, Bledsoe, Napier, and Ennis would come off the books, so the fake Heat would have plenty of flexibility to sign some big-time free agents. This is where the Bledsoe signing becomes important. If he lives up to his hype, Miami becomes a popular destination, as they would have a top point guard as a selling point.

Here’s the list of possible free agents that year. Kevin Durant is the crown jewel, but it might be hard to imagine him coming to Miami (Oklahoma City has to be the favorite, followed by going home to Washington), but there will be a lot of talented big men available. Anthony Davis would be the marquee center, followed by Andre Drummond, Dwight Howard, Al Horford, and Joakim Noah. Any of those guys would probably love playing with a top point guard.

Alas, this will always be a fantasy. But we could only wonder what could have been if LeBron hadn’t wasted everyone’s time. The real Miami Heat still look pretty good, so there’s plenty for Heat fans to be excited about.

However, that roster – or anything you can come up with – looks pretty fun to think about.