RTD: What’s the Best Realistic Outcome For the Miami Heat This Season?

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Mar 7, 2015; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra reacts during the first half against the Sacramento Kings at American Airlines Arena. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to another Miami Heat Round Table Discussion. On today’s agenda, we’ll be discussion the best possible outcome for the Miami Heat’s season, Hassan Whiteside’s inability to chill, compare players to Seinfeld characters and make coaching decisions.

1. What’s the best realistic outcome for the Heat this season?

Wes Goldberg (@wcgoldberg): That the Heat make the playoffs, lose to the Hawks but don’t get swept and no one ends up with a long-term injury.

David Ramil (@dramil13): How are we supposed to answer this question given the inconsistent nature of the team? They’ve looked sensational on one night and fallen apart completely the next. So, given that, I’d say that the best realistic option is that they make the playoffs as an 8th seed as other pretenders (Boston, Charlotte, Brooklyn) lose steam; I give the Pacers the edge as the 7th seed. Once the playoffs start, this team will be lucky to win one game as the goal of making the postseason is reached and the emotional drain of the regular season takes it toll.

Allana Tachauer (@chitownheiress): I feel like there is no such thing as “realistic” when it comes to the Miami Heat. One second it seems as though they have once again found their rhythm, ready to turn over a new leaf, and the next thing I know they are back in shambles. On the one hand, inconsistency is hard to deal with and makes looking ahead near impossible. But on the other hand, it leaves room for miracles to happen. So, I say the Heat make the playoffs, and go to six in the first round!

Chris Posada (@CPoTweetsStuff): That it turns out that the team has been cursed by a witch doctor, and Mario Chalmers comes up with a remedy using some special herbs that Michael Beasley brought over from China? Aside from that, I would say the best possible outcome is the seventh seed and stealing Game 4 from the Cavs, before going out in five games. But at this point any scenario is possible, as you never know what to expect from this Heat team.

Ehsan Kassim (@Ehsan_Kassim): Most realistic is likely a season ending injury to at least one key player, because that’s what this season has been about. But honestly, I’m not sure what is realistic for this team. They are so hot and cold it’s annoying. Playoffs is the best case. Injuries and missing the playoffs is the worst.

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