RTD: What’s the Best Realistic Outcome For the Miami Heat This Season?

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Mar 4, 2015; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside (21) reacts during the second half against the Los Angeles Lakers at American Airlines Arena. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

3. Are you concerned about Hassan Whiteside’s inability to chill?

Goldberg: Uhhhh, not really. I mean, he tackled Alex Len. But at least he won’t do it again, right? I like the emotions running high and his desire to establish dominance early. He takes everything personally and that’s what drives him to boost his 2k rating. We already have a guy like that. His name is Dwayne Wade. That worked out alright.

Ramil: Yeah, and I’ve been consistent about this since the beginning. I don’t know if his ego will be as catastrophic as some believe but he needs to focus more on improving and not getting his due. As much as I like what he brings on the court, this is someone who will eventually leave the team because of his delusions of grandeur.

Tachauer: Whiteside certainly has a hotheaded side to his personality, but I like a little spunk in my players. The key is learning how to control it and when it is okay to enter that “no chill zone.” Take Beyonce, Christina Aguilera and Miley Cyrus. All very talented, but while Beyonce has no personality and Cyrus is continuously turned up, Aguilera is the perfect balance of sugar and spice. Hassan needs to let go of his frustration with his past. The last thing he wants is for his ego to overshadow his raw ability.

Posada: I’m slightly annoyed by Whiteside’s inability to chill, but not concerned. He’s in a place where he’s too determined to prove that everyone in the league was an idiot for overlooking him, and doesn’t care who stands in his way – even if it’s his own team. If he goes for 30 and 20, but the Heat lose by 10, I think he’s OK with that, since he feels he got his. For a guy that had to go all the way to Lebanon to collect a paycheck, you’d think he would have come back a humble guy. He needs to learn to check his pride at the door.

Kassim: Yes. While I don’t mind him being aggressive and playing tough, he does not need to put himself in danger of being suspended, or worse, out of the league again. He’s got immense talent, but some his antics lately show you why other teams have had a tough time letting his talents even get to the floor. In the long-run, I’m not overly worried, if anyone can calm Whiteside down, it will be the big 3 of Udonis Haslem, Dwyane Wade, and Coach Spo. Maybe make Whiteside watch Spo perform some Michael Jackson could be the medicine there.

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