RTD: What’s the Best Realistic Outcome For the Miami Heat This Season?

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Mar 7, 2015; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Heat forward Michael Beasley (30) shoots over Sacramento Kings forward Jason Thompson (34) during the second half at American Airlines Arena. The Heat won in overtime 114-109. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

4. There is 1.3 seconds left in the Heat game against the Wizards. You’re the coach. What do you call?

Goldberg: I go to Michael Beasley, but not in an ISO. Maybe a pick-and-pop with Beasley at the shooting end, or run him through some screens off the ball and get him a shoot or dribble option. Like a curl play at the elbow. Something to get him a little separation but let Beasley be Beasley.

Ramil: I draw a play for Michael Beasley. He’d played well in the fourth and, moreover, it’s about building something with him for the future. The team and player are linked forever – why not give him the confidence that he’s a key part of the team and that you trust him to do what’s right? And he’s got the perfect blend of confidence and D.G.A.F. to make the shot or not care if he doesn’t.

Tachauer: If Michael Beasley is feeling himself that day, I run a play through him. He seems to shift into clutch (see what I did there?) mode pretty well as of late, and that way he can start to again feel like an integral part of the team. Otherwise, maybe Tyler Johnson? He has become somewhat of a hot topic recently and like Beasley, would be an underrated and unexpected option.

Posada: I’m drawing up a play with a ton of movement, and by the third count of the five-second rule, I have Napier come off a screen and get it to him. All eyes would have been on Beasley, as he was the only logical threat in that sequence, but I would look to Shabazz to take the all-or-nothing shot for the win. He showed last year that big moments in March don’t faze him.

Kassim: I’d give the ball to Beas. I believe him when he said it was a brain fart. Same thing happened to Deandre Jordan with the Clippers the same week. Give Beasley that same situation again, and he probably takes some crazy ass shot and makes it, because that’s what the Beas does.

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