Miami Heat Daily Links: Heat take LA dive

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The Miami Heat take on the New York Knicks tonight. Okay, on with the links.

Road ahead: The Miami Heat face a tough month of January in which they play 11 of the next 14 games on the road. Allana details every game and writes about Miami’s chances to survive.

Podcast alert: After a long hiatus, we’re back with the Heat Check podcast! Check it out and subscribe on iTunes. On this episode, David Ramil (Hardwood Paroxysm, formerly of All U Can Heat) reflect on Miami’s thrilling win against the Pacers and look ahead to the road in the East.

Bad call: Apparently the refs made some mistakes at the end of Miami’s win against the Pacers. Whatever…

Benjamin Button: Jason Lieser of the Palm Beach Post writes a great column on Dwyane Wade’s resurgence this season. There are some great quotes in here about how Wade stays in shape.

Winslow’s winning: Ethan J. Skolnick of the Miami Herald writes a great column on Justise Winslow’s approach to the game, specifically defense. There is a great bit at the end where he talks about studying Kawhi Leonard and Jimmy Butler and how they became better two-way players after flourishing on defense early in their careers.

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