Miami Heat: 3 duos to keep an eye on this season

MIAMI, FL - NOVEMBER 28: Kelly Olynyk
MIAMI, FL - NOVEMBER 28: Kelly Olynyk /
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MIAMI, FL – OCTOBER 11: James Johnson
MIAMI, FL – OCTOBER 11: James Johnson /

Tyler Johnson and James Johnson

If there were one connection already established, it would be The Brothers Johnson. These two seemingly share the same brain. They way they connect with each other is on another level.

Against the Wizards, Tyler Johnson was able to put up 14 points, while James Johnson tallied 12 behind him. Their productivity could have been so much more, but was limited to just 18 minutes of action.

Of course, we all saw this coming. After watching this connection flourish last season, James Johnson was given a four-year $60 million deal. Riley asked for more out of him and he didn’t stop there.

That productivity and new contract had many of us under the assumption that he would become a starter for the team. That’s now in question after Spoelstra has decided to mix up the lineup. Rightfully so, as he’s finding what works best for the Heat. That may just mean leaving James Johnson out of the starting lineup so that the Brothers Johnson can remain intact.

So far this preseason has been a testament that the two need each other, at least on James Johnson’s side. The power forward was struggling as a starter. Only putting up two points in both of his starts to open up the preseason.

If Spoelstra decides to run the lineup with James Johnson coming off the bench, that would allow for our first duo, Whiteside and Olynyk to work together.

Would it be great to see James Johnson get the starting position he’s work so hard for? Of course. But if this team works together better and he is more productive beside his partner in crime, then his new contract would be money well spent.