Miami Heat Roundtable: Checking in after a loss to the Orlando Magic

ORLANDO, FL - OCTOBER 18: Hassan Whiteside
ORLANDO, FL - OCTOBER 18: Hassan Whiteside /
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ORLANDO, FL – OCTOBER 18: Justise Winslow
ORLANDO, FL – OCTOBER 18: Justise Winslow /

Thoughts on the point Justise Winslow movement? 

Tachauer: It’s certainly… unorthodox. But what about this Heat team, isn’t? Therefore for now, I say why not give it a try and see what happens? At this point, Winslow doesn’t really have a set role. And it’s still obviously early in the season. So I hope Spoelstra continues to see what happens. Maybe the reason Winslow has been somewhat underwhelming (besides the shoulder injury) is because he wasn’t being utilized correctly. Stranger things have happened.

Mora: I love it. I am probably Winslow’s biggest fan and still back him up because I know he has the talent. You can’t deny it. He just hasn’t been able to maximize it. He always seems lost. With a possible move to the point, it will bring out his other offensive attributes. Anything that can (and will) help Winslow moving forward, I’m all for.

Eyrich: I loved what I saw from Winslow. He’s a player that can move around in the lineup for Miami and he’s due for a big year. It was an efficient game for him against the Magic, nothing too big, nothing too small. He did what Miami needed him too and that’s all we can ask. I would like to see him be more aggressive in the position, but that could take a few games to get in the rhythm of things.

Slater: Winslow only had two assists against Orlando and was a team worst -13, but the Heat simply have to put the ball in his hands and get him directly involved in the pick and roll game. Many want to put Winslow in a box as just a scorer, but he can be an all-around playmaker for the Heat and letting him run point in lineups heavy on shooting is the way to do that. This is a big year for Winslow, and the Heat can do him a huge favor by letting him work in as much offensive space as possible with the ball in his hand.