Miami Heat Roundtable: Checking in after a loss to the Orlando Magic

ORLANDO, FL - OCTOBER 18: Hassan Whiteside
ORLANDO, FL - OCTOBER 18: Hassan Whiteside /
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ORLANDO, FL – OCTOBER 18: Nikola Vucevic
ORLANDO, FL – OCTOBER 18: Nikola Vucevic /

Overall reaction to the loss?

Tachauer: I really hate facing off against the Magic. First, because we always play down to them and end up losing. And also, because it’s just such a dull matchup. If I wasn’t so excited that Miami Heat Basketball was back, I may have fallen asleep. This should have been an easy win. And at one point, I was sure we were going to close the gap and get that w. But here we are, 0-1. Sigh.

Mora: I was frustrated and disappointed. It’s the first game, so I am not completely bummed out, but just sad because I know we are better than the Magic. Heck, I even think we can be a top four team in the Eastern Conference. It’s just minor and honestly lazy mistakes. We still haven’t figured out that perfect lineup and rotation. But I am not worried yet. We will bounce back.

Eyrich: Obviously it’s disappointing. No need to worry though, it’s a long season ahead. The Heat obviously are still trying to get used to a lineup and that may hurt at times. I don’t think we should have expected anything less. The in-state rivalry always ends up being good games. The defense wasn’t quite where it needed to be and that’s something that will have to change if the Heat are looking for success this year. The biggest takeaway is going to be recognizing the skill-set on this team. Some players couldn’t find their rhythm, some still looked a little rusty. It’s still clear though that even with those issues that we saw last night, Miami still has great talent and that will be a scary sight when they get things going.

Slater:  Ultimately, it’s one game and it is hardly time to panic. Remember, the Heat won this very game last year and went on to 11-30. Orlando is a tricky matchup for the Heat in the same vein as Milwaukee, and they took on some energetic, young talent that can be a handful when they’re playing well. Miami’s biggest issue was simply effort. You can work X’s and O’s until you’re blue in the face, but far too many times did the Magic score with Heat defenders trailing the play or with a miscommunication on the frontline. It may sound odd, but the Heat really missed the steady defensive presence of Rodney McGruder, particularly with his activity in the passing lanes. Also, Dragic and Waiters, who combined to go 13-of-36, will be much better. If the Heat get even just a little more out of those two and more consistent defense, they win that game. A Heat team that scores 109 points should not lose the game. This may be the first time in Heat history that the offense started the season ahead of the defense. Thankfully, everything they put on film is fixable and will be better moving forward.

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And there you have it, folks.