Miami Heat Roundtable: Discussing the team’s rough start and more

WASHINGTON, DC - NOVEMBER 17: Goran Dragic /
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WASHINGTON, DC – NOVEMBER 17: Justise Winslow
WASHINGTON, DC – NOVEMBER 17: Justise Winslow /

Despite their 7-9 record, who has impressed you the most so far this season?

Tachauer: I feel like even though not every stat-line has shown it yet, James Johnson has really evolved into a player that embodies Miami Heat Basketball. From obviously taking his role as co-captain seriously, to the offensive and defensive effort he’s shown… I continue to be impressed with him.

Mora: Even if he hasn’t been consistent at times, it’s been James Johnson easily. He is such a great versatile player. He can find the right opening while being an aggressive post player. He also has great court vision to dish out assists. He just doesn’t seem confident enough to do so. That needs to change and he just needs to play his game. There’s enormous upside if he does so with confidence.

Keaton: Although, I’m not much of a fan, Goran Dragic has been really impressive and one of the few bright spots for the Heat so far this season. More than just stats, he’s been the primary catalyst in the Heat’s good play when they’re looking good. One can only hope that his fire can become contagious at some point.

Eyrich: Justise Winslow has been giving me hope. He’s been able to elevate his game recently, showing us that he is the player that we thought he was when the Heat drafted him. I think he’s becoming a huge threat. The defense has always been there for him, that’s something we can always bank on, but he’s becoming more dangerous offensively. With how big and explosive Winslow is we’re starting to see him able to cut though the paint and finish. Even better, that opens up the Heat’s offense for Winslow to pass out or throw up a lob. Whitside and James Johnson have been thankful to be on the receiving side of that. I think Winslow creates more options for the Heat and becomes an issue other teams around the league have to worry about.

Johnson: The answer here has to be Justise Winslow. Sure his shot still needs tinkering, but he’s noticeably improved as a ball handler and attacker, and of course his defense is solid. He might not be the star Miami needs, but his “everyman” mentality reignites that fiery, Miami passion.