Miami Heat Roundtable: Discussing the team’s rough start and more

WASHINGTON, DC - NOVEMBER 17: Goran Dragic /
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WASHINGTON, DC – NOVEMBER 17: Dion Waiters /

And who are you most frustrated with?

Tachauer: I wouldn’t say frustrated necessarily, but Hassan Whiteside has had me scratching my head on a few occasions already this year. Between sometimes looking disengaged in the middle of a game, and talking to the media about things like his “confusion” over limited minutes, he just needs to get his focus back on track.

Mora: Hassan Whiteside and Dion Waiters.  Waiters because of his poor shot selection and thinking he’s built like LeBron James, and can drive in on every single play and score with ease. He can’t and it’s causing turnovers. With Whiteside, regardless of his double-doubles, he’s always one step behind the defender and is forcing way too many shots. He does have a frame like James, but lately has been way too predictable when attacking the paint. It’s getting ridiculous  He has to be a leader and a dominant force and lately, he’s becoming a liability with his turnovers instead of our biggest asset.

Keaton: It’s been disappointing to see what Dion Waiters has done after signing his big money deal. I’ve grown to like him more than I previously have, but his game has not changed much since he’s been in the league. His most recent game (0-for-10 from the field) sticks out like a sore thumb. Maybe it is unfair, but when the big contract comes in, expectations increase as well and he hasn’t lived up in the first quarter of the season.

Eyrich: Even with being able to put up decent numbers, Hassan Whiteside has been the most frustrating. The Heat can get so much more out of him. We’re finding a lot of issues on the offensive end. The biggest and most recent on has been Whieside’s screens. With as big of a player as he is, there should not be the issue of a smaller guard being able to fight through it. It should be the purest pick and role of all time with the Heats personnel. An easy role and finish for Whiteside is what ere looking for, but not able to get. It get’s even more frustrating on the defensive end. He seems to be a step behind all the time. Instead of using his hight and length to make it a difficult shot, we’re seeing Whiteside with his hands barely over his waist and his knees bent. Whiteside looks like he is aways in jumping position seeking out the blocks rather than forcing a difficult shot. With the talent Whiteside has, he hasn’t been giving his game any favors.

Johnson: This might sound silly, but I’m taking the arc on Dion Waiters’ shot. Golly, it sure is a beauty when he swishes the long ball, especially in the clutch, but it’s high arc and suspense that comes with it is killing my heart rate late in close games. Never change.