Miami Heat Makes and Misses: The corner 3, Dragic and Richardson

CHICAGO, IL - NOVEMBER 26: Goran Dragic
CHICAGO, IL - NOVEMBER 26: Goran Dragic /
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MIAMI, FL – OCTOBER 28: Josh Richardson
MIAMI, FL – OCTOBER 28: Josh Richardson /

Miss: Josh Richardson’s Offense

It’s a three-game sample that we’re dealing with here, but it’s safe to say that Josh Richardson appears to be broken at the moment. In three games, he was 3-of-19 for just seven points, including two scoreless games against the Celtics and Bulls.

The incredible thing about Richardson’s complete lack of offense is that he was still a +31 in all three games. His defensive numbers continue to be off the charts and he is one of the elite defenders in the entire league, but his offense has gone awry.

Richardson’s issue stems from a lack of confidence shooting the ball, but also in where he’s shooting the ball from.

This is a good read. He finds the soft spot in the defense after Olynyk gives him a screen, but pay attention to how he floats a couple of feet beyond the 3-point line as opposed to spotting up normally. It may seem like a tiny detail, but that extra foot or two makes it an entirely different shot and raises the degree of difficulty.

Richardson too often looks entirely out of rhythm, like the shot he’s taking is the first he’s put up in three days. He needs to get himself into situations where he can shoot instinctually as opposed to a mechanical, stale form where he’s pressing to get one to drop.

This is a much more confident move from Richardson and one that can help ignite the rest of his offensive game. An in-rhythm jumper that was met with a solid contest from Andrew Wiggins, but Richardson hung tough and knocked it down.

Again, a decisive move where he would’ve otherwise tried the 3-point shot, but since that hasn’t been falling, Richardson put the ball on the floor and made his move to the rim. He was tough and decisive and finished strong.

There needs to be more of that, and less floating out to way beyond the 3-point line. Richardson needs to make his move and make it confidently, to get some positivity flowing through his game. If he continues to force shots, the percentages will continue to plummet.

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Here’s hoping the Heat have another good run.