Miami Heat Roundtable: Special 2017-18 holiday edition

MIAMI, FL - DECEMBER 22: Wayne Ellington
MIAMI, FL - DECEMBER 22: Wayne Ellington /
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MIAMI, FL – DECEMBER 22: Wayne Ellington
MIAMI, FL – DECEMBER 22: Wayne Ellington /

The AllUCanHeat staff have a very special Miami Heat holiday treat for all of you.

With 2018 just around the corner, the AllUCanHeat staff are here to give you a present in the form of a holiday edition roundtable.

Pick five members of the Miami Heat and tell me what’s the number one thing they’re asking for this holiday season.

Allana Tachauer (@AllanaTachauer): Kelly Olynyk is definitely asking for a deep conditioning mask, as his hair seems to be drier in Miami’s climate. Goran Dragic would finally like some respect from officials. Hassan Whiteside is looking for some Joel Embiid Twitter beef in his stocking. Tyler Johnson is begging Santa not to be hit in the face ever again. And Bam Adebayo is hopeful for the Dwight Howard comparisons to stop.

Ivan Mora (@moraivan): James Johnson- a new black belt in Juijitsu. Goran Dragic- some new refs that will call the right fouls. Dion Waiters- consistency. Josh Richardson- his awesome fro back. Hassan Whiteside- (might be mean but) new knees so he can finally come back.

Brandon Johnson (@bjtripleot): Given the banged up state of the Heat roster, I’d guess head coach Erik Spoelstra is asking Santa for about 15 of these inflatable bubbles. Otherwise, I’m sure Kelly Olynyk will ask for a Miami Heat Trapper Hat, so he can flaunt his Heat pride when visits his hometown of Toronto. Assistant coach Chris Quinn likely wants a doctored photo of Udonis Haslem wearing some Notre Dame gear, given their rivalry this season, while Hassan Whiteside certainly wants a gift card to a fish store. And of course, since the Heat are off on Christmas, Dion Waiters will be jonesing for some more spaghetti.

Rich Nurse (@followthepen): In terms of defense, rebounding and setting up an offense, Justise Winslow is rounding into something close to an all around player. All he needs is a jump shot under his tree. Dion Waiters has been a walking injury, with his bad ankle and elbow. However consistency would be his best holiday gift. Erik Spoelstra and Hassan Whiteside should both wish for a few months of health–Spoelstra for the roster and Whiteside for himself. Lastly Kelly Olynyk and the entire Heat nation are asking for him to be gifted the nightly aggression that helped him put up 32-points and seven rebounds against the Boston Celtics.

Chase Eyrich (@Ceyrich): Dion is asking for one thing only this year, to prove he’s the killer he thinks he is. He’s had a few chances, but he’s looking for something bigger. We’re not talking just a game winner. Waiters is looking for total domination. We’re talking Kobe in Toronto, or 06’ Finals Wade type domination. Waiters want’s to give everyone a first class ticket to Waiters Island. Obviously Whiteside is living lavishly after his new contract. With a new house, one of the big additions was his wall-sized fish tank. Hassan likes his fish. But, unfortunately some of his little fish are living outside. For the majority of the year his fish, like himself, are also living lavishly. Sometimes the Miami weather disturbs his little fish’s perfect life. But, these fish are troopers. They survived Hurricane Irma and now all Whiteside is asking for this Christmas is for his fish to be left alone. Let his fish live in peace! There’s only one song T.J. knows this time of the year. They say he’s been seen walking around South Beach singing “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth”. He might admit that’s what he wants, but the fear of losing more has him truly wishing for his smile back. Olynyk, for our sake, is asking for a mens grooming kit. This one’s self explanatory. Haslem is asking for a familiar face. It’s hard being the longest lasting Heat Lyfer. While there has been an attachment to the city and the franchise, Haslem is asking for a friend to come back to town. Someone who has been there through it all, someone who’s jersey will be hanging in the rafters. Haslem wants one last ride with Dwyane Wade.