Miami Heat: 3 reasons why the team’s offseason isn’t as bad as it seems

MIAMI, FL - APRIL 11: Wayne Ellington
MIAMI, FL - APRIL 11: Wayne Ellington /
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MIAMI, FL – APRIL 11: Wayne Ellington
MIAMI, FL – APRIL 11: Wayne Ellington /

Miami Heat fans shouldn’t be down on the team’s offseason.

The offseason is officially coming to an end and after a quiescent summer, Miami Heat fans are left wondering exactly what direction the team is headed.

After back-to-back subpar offseasons, the only excitement South Florida fans have received is the reunion with Heat legend Dwyane Wade. The bright side of it all however, is the accumulation of a young core destined to take us to the promised land.  

With various free agents finding new homes, none whom were even remotely interested in what the Heat were offering, the Heat are now focused on their current roster. Something worth noting is that they are also relying on the Heat Culture and the notion that sometimes it’s always a better idea to stand pat instead of packaging a drastic hail mary signing or trade.  

Not all was lost though, as they were able to acquire a fan favorite; signing Derrick Jones Jr. to a two-year deal at the NBA minimum.

After signing him to a two-way contract last year, the Heat saw great potential and decided to immediately retain him for the next two years. The speculation about this low key signing is the quick potential upside for an athletic player like Jones.

Things looked difficult from the start, since the Heat currently have 11 players under contract that are close to capping their limit.

Just those players have close to $120 million circling the very expensive and lucrative $123.7 million luxury tax line. To make matters worse, it doesn’t really help their case when they were without a single draft pick, basically chaining them to the very limited and gloomy free agency acquisitions.

With Jones as the only fascinating exception.  

Now that Miami has no other option than to work ahead, here are three things their fans can gleefully look ahead to.