Miami Heat guard Goran Dragic deserves more credit

MIAMI, FL - MARCH 31: Goran Dragic
MIAMI, FL - MARCH 31: Goran Dragic /

Miami Heat point guard Goran Dragic was as consistent as they come last year; so why aren’t fans giving him more credit?

Last summer, Miami Heat point guard Goran Dragic won a gold medal for Slovenia in EuroBasket.

Then, he was named the league’s Eastern Conference Player of the Week, twice.

He went on to make the 2018 NBA All-Star team.

And finished the season averaging 17.3 points, 4.1 rebounds and 4.8 assists a game, in 31.7 minutes of play.

With all of that said plus having seen time in 75 contests, Dragic was easily the Heat’s most consistent player in 2017-18.

So why is he continuously not getting the credit he deserves?

Well, let’s get the obvious out of the way.

Dragic turned 32 in May, so he’s not exactly a spring chicken.

He’s a 10-year veteran, who doesn’t only have miles in the Association, but within international play as well. The European baller didn’t just spend summers playing overseas either; he actually started his career at the age of 17, via the Slovenian Second Basketball League. It wasn’t until five years later, that the guard was drafted into the league No. 45 overall in 2008.

Still, at 32-years-old, he should still have a handful of solid seasons left in him. Especially given that last year, he was playing some of his best basketball yet.

And, that he’s taken his summer workouts up a notch.

Does that really look like a guy about to decline?

The other argument to be made is that he’s not exactly a so-called name brand.

And in a league with roughly 300 players, it can sometimes be hard for fans to really recognize talent, without the help of the media acting as hype men.

Sure, Dragic may have acted as a headliner alongside Hassan Whiteside, when Dwyane Wade took off for the Chicago Bulls (and subsequently, Cleveland Cavaliers). But now that No. 3 has made his return, he’s no longer as front and center.

But by now, Heat Nation should understand that this ball club isn’t relying on big names to bring it success. Instead, what’s driving the organization forward is diamonds in the rough, who all completely embody The Culture.

Which it’s safe to say, the former Most Improved Player of the Year does exactly that.

Regardless of if fans wish to see Kyrie Irving running plays for head coach Erik Spoelstra or not, they should be giving Dragic all the respect in the world.

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At this point, the Miami Heat rock deserves that much.