Miami Heat: What Chris Bosh really means to this organization

MIAMI, FL - FEBRUARY 9: Dwyane Wade
MIAMI, FL - FEBRUARY 9: Dwyane Wade /

The Miami Heat are set to retire Chris Bosh’s number on Tuesday night against the Orlando Magic. In light of that fact, it’s time to take at look at what he really means to this organization.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, Chris Bosh isn’t ready to head into the Miami Heat front office just yet, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a Heat LiferWith his Jersey retirement ceremony looming, let’s take a look at exactly what Bosh means and has meant to this organization.


When thinking about Chris Bosh’s career, many things should come to mind, like tireless worker or prolific player. When thinking about his time in Miami however, those things along with the word fun should be in the lexicon.

When Bosh dawned the Miami uniform, it was of course a time of joy. In the midst of the Big 3 Era, Bosh was a part of something special and unlike any thing that had ever been seen before. Amid constant scrutiny and pressure, the talk of every sports related conversation going on at the time, and being a constant topic on ESPN with their Heat IndexBosh was someone who made things less tense.

From his constant photo bombs, to his epic performance in Miami’s Harlem Shake video, Bosh was someone who reminded us all of how fun life should be. Although his time was cut short within the NBA, Bosh is arguably one of the most joyous and unique characters to ever grace the NBA hardwood. That is one thing that defines what Bosh meant to the Heat, his great attitude and ability to lessen the tension surrounding one of the most stressful periods in Heat history.


The second thing Chris Bosh really meant to this organization was an ultimate lesson in sacrifice. Quite a few will point to his check book while asking what that sacrifice exactly was, as he was compensated quite nicely. However, athletes are very prideful and ego-driven creatures, and he did sacrifice a lot.

During his first seven seasons in the league with the Toronto Raptors, Bosh averaged right around 20 points per game. That number is a bit skewed from his earlier years in Canada as he averaged closer to 23 and 24 points per game in his last two seasons for the Raptors, and furthermore on almost 17 shots per game.

In his time with the Miami Heat, the stretch-four averaged right at 18 points per game. Those numbers can also be viewed as skewed due to an uptick in production in the post Big 3 era where he averaged 21 and 19 points per game respectively, which was considerably up from the 16 points per game he averaged in the two seasons prior.

Something else worth noting is the fact that he never got above an average of 14 shots per game, averaging as few as 12 shots per game, but he still found a way to maximize his contributions. The way that he changed his game, limiting his offensive potential in ways, is the ultimate testament to sacrifice. This is why a willingness to sacrifice is something else he meant to the Miami Heat.


Lastly, and most importantly, Bosh meant championships to this Miami Heat franchise. This is absolutely to say that without him, his sacrifice, and ability to help keep everyone loose, they may not have won those two rings from the Big 3 era.

Chris Bosh was not only a defensive stalwart, often times taking on bigger players for the betterment of the team, but as mentioned he sacrificed his offensive potential as well. Not only were these factors very influential in the Heat winning those two titles from that era, but he probably had the single biggest rebound in Miami Heat Playoff history.

Yes, the rebound to Ray Allen was that big. If not for that rebound, the San Antonio Spurs win the game and thus the series. That rebound was one that not only allowed Ray Allen to hit the shot, but it allowed the Heat to live another day, and ultimately bring home the trophy.

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That is what Chris Bosh has meant to this franchise, and Heat Nation thanks him for it! Big Ups to #1, CB, and a Heat Lifer, Chris Bosh. Enjoy your evening!