Miami Heat Check: Guide to the 2nd half of the season & playoff odds

Heat Check Gaming (Photo by Michelle Farsi/NBAE via Getty Images)
Heat Check Gaming (Photo by Michelle Farsi/NBAE via Getty Images) /
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Group C
Heat 6-1: This group is winnable for Heat Check,  but it won’t come without hard fought battles each time out. Heat Check will undoubtedly come out guns blazing this week since they’ve had a week’s rest after their buzzer-beating loss to Philadelphia. Their week eight doubleheader includes the two toughest opponents remaining on their schedule in the eighth place Magic and the tenth place Jazz.

The point differential doesn’t favor Miami in these games but doesn’t take into account Hood’s ability to flat out score. If he’s got it going, these are easy wins for Miami. They should continue their winning ways against Brooklyn, Minnesota, Toronto, and Detroit.

They get a bye in week ten, but I feel that Miami is due for a loss somewhere in there and it’ll probably be against the team with the highest point differential amongst the remaining in Atlanta during week twelve. Miami just likes to lose to Atlanta in the NBA and the NBA 2K League.

Celtics 5-2: Boston wouldn’t even be in this group if Miami hadn’t given them that gift earlier in the season, but alas, here they are. They’ve got a bye this week, but Golden State and Dallas will be waiting for them in week nine. After that, I see a nice four-game win streak leading them to their final game of the season in week twelve against Pacers Gaming.

I have the Celtics winning this game because they’ll need it so bad, but in all actuality, they could lose this game and drop to 4-3 to finish the season. That won’t be enough to get them into the playoffs as it looks like you’ll need ten wins on the season to make the cut. The way the landscape is looking now, a 9-7 team might be looking into the playoffs wishing they’d won a few more games.

Raptors 3-4: Being one game under .500, Toronto will look to come out swinging in week eight but will end up splitting the doubleheader with a loss to Indiana. They’ve got a bye in week nine, followed by two tough matchups against Boston and Utah. I could see the Jazz losing this game as well, but Toronto may not have what it takes to steal it from them.

Week eleven features a doubleheader against Detroit and Miami, which they’ll split by losing to Heat Check. Toronto will finish off their season against the last-place Knicks, most likely looking to re-tool for next season.

Grizz 1-6: Memphis has a tough road ahead and will most likely fall victim to scheduling, as six out of their seven remaining games are against opponents currently in the top eight. I have them splitting their week eight action, with a loss to Indiana followed by a win versus the Pistons.

That’s where their luck runs dry. I predict they will then go on a five-game losing streak after their week nine bye against Philadelphia, Portland, Brooklyn, Orlando, and Golden State.