Miami Heat Check: Guide to the 2nd half of the season & playoff odds

Heat Check Gaming (Photo by Michelle Farsi/NBAE via Getty Images)
Heat Check Gaming (Photo by Michelle Farsi/NBAE via Getty Images) /
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MaJes7ic Heat Check Gaming (Photo by Michelle Farsi/NBAE via Getty Images) /

To conclude, here are a few keys to remember as we head into the back end of the season:

Heat Check can win group C by getting to ten wins on the season. They’d help themselves immensely if they could go 7-0 to finish out the year, avoiding number crunching against the Celtics.

There is a highly unsavory scenario regarding such an instance, which I’ll discuss in a moment. Any team looking to get into the playoffs will need at least ten wins. Any less than that and their post-season hopes will be in the hands of many other teams while they stand by and watch.

Heres how I predict the playoff seedings to look at the end of the year:

1. Blazer5 Gaming
2. Mavs Gaming
3. Warriors Gaming Squad
4. Kings Guard Gaming
5. Pacers Gaming
6. 76ers GC
7. Bucks Gaming
8. Heat Check Gaming
9. Celtics Crossover Gaming

Worst case scenario
Whether they want to believe it or not, Miami and Boston are joined at the hip for the rest of the season. My predictions have Heat Check as the eighth seed, but this only stands if any of the top six teams win The Ticket Tournament. I say that because the winner of this last in-season tournament is granted a post-season berth regardless of record.

If a squad below the eighth seed wins, they automatically bump the actual eighth seed out of the playoffs. The worst case for Miami would be to see the Celtics win The Ticket, while Miami gets their ten required wins. If Miami does go on a 7-0 run to end the season, they’d be tied with Milwaukee at 11-5, but would still only get the eighth spot since they lost their only head to head matchup with them back in week two.

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Heat Check can avoid all of this by winning the tournament themselves next week and thus controlling their destiny. Without winning The Ticket , Miami needs help to make the playoffs, but we don’t know from which team it will come so we’ll wait and see.

That NBA 2K League stage is like a whole other planet. Can’t wait!