Miami Heat: Has Dion Waiters dealt a fatal blow to his own career?

On Monday, Bobby Marks of ESPN declared that Miami Heat guard Dion Waiters career was at an end, barring a major turnaround. Is he right?

It appears Miami Heat guard Dion Waiters has done a substantial amount of damage to his career in the early goings of 2019-20. Returning from his third suspension of the season before we even hit the new year, Waiters is at once both undesirable and untouchable.

Waiters has been suspended for 23 games thus far, and nobody would put it past him to find himself suspended again down the road if he was to remain with the team.

On Monday, ESPN’s Bobby Marks (paywall) revealed that there are no teams with interest in acquiring him.

“The Waiters contract is as close to untradeable that I have ever seen in the NBA.”

The Heat are unlikely to want him around the team in the coming days, suspension or no suspension. However, keeping him away could be tricky without his blessing.

In the third year of a four-year, $52 million contract, Waiters had only averaged 40 games per season with the Heat over the course of his three years in Miami.

All these factors combine to not only make his contract problematic, but this toxic combination of unacceptable behavior and unimpressive performance may ultimately doom his career.

According to Marks, a former NBA executive with the Brooklyn Nets (among other stops) before his media career began, Dion Waiters’ own career may be in jeopardy without a remarkable turnaround on his part.

His team doesn’t want him around any more than is absolutely necessary, other teams surely don’t want him for the same reasons, and moving him would cost the Miami Heat more than it’s worth just in order to not have him around.

Do you think Dion Waiters’ career is over, or do you think he’ll find a way to recover? Comment with your opinion below.