Miami Heat: Is Jimmy Butler parting ways with Jordan brand a precursor?

Jimmy Butler #22 of the Miami Heat talks with Retired NBA Player, Dwyane Wade (Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images)
Jimmy Butler #22 of the Miami Heat talks with Retired NBA Player, Dwyane Wade (Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images) /

Miami Heat wing and superstar Jimmy Butler has been with Jordan Brand since 2014. Does their parting of ways seem pointed at a Way of Wade collaboration?

The Miami Heat are off to an amazing start to the season. They are being led by an invigorated Erik Spoelstra, while a big game hunting Pat Riley mans the operation from the front office.

They also have a slew of young but talented players on their roster, an outlook and position that they not only didn’t have at this time last season but was also as hard as diamonds to see. One factor that certainly gave a super boost to this process was the ability to land Jimmy Butler.

Jimmy Butler came over this past summer from the Philadelphia 76ers and even after all their success last season. While that may be neither here nor there at the moment, we now may have solid proof as to why that was his desire, per former Miami Heat swingman Josh Richardson.

In any event and speaking of changing teams, Jimmy Butler has parted ways with yet another team. It was announced on Thursday that Jimmy Butler and Michael Jordan‘s Jordan Brand would be mutually ending their partnership, an endorsement and sponsorship deal that has existed since 2014. With that news, his current team, and the fact that we know about the friendship that exists between Jimmy and Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade, this was bound to happen shortly after that news broke.

While there has been no official word, as it’s only been a day, this would be the likely scenario, right? Playing in and now being the face of the Miami Heat, for as long as he plays the game we hope, it would only be right for Jimmy Butler to join the Li-Ning and Way Of Wade brand, right?

We sure hope that this will be the case. Can you picture that? Our forever legend and our current superstar finally linked together in something basketball-related and under a Miami Heat umbrella?

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We don’t recognize any other Dwyane Wade stops or tenures here, so of course I’m not forgetting their Chicago Bulls time together, but you all get the picture. We will be watching and listening with anticipation and not as if it lines our pockets, but we just like to keep it all in the family. That’s right, Heat Culture, that’s family business.