Miami Heat: Coach Spoelstra makes his feelings known about All-Star voting

Head coach Erik Spoelstra of the Miami Heat reacts against the LA Clippers (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Head coach Erik Spoelstra of the Miami Heat reacts against the LA Clippers (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

The Miami Heat are fortunate enough to have two All-Star caliber players on their roster, except, the other players don’t know that. Here’s Spo’s reaction.

The Miami Heat are a team that was supposedly set to run on Jimmy Butler as their lone All-Star and superstar type player, however, that has turned out to be the farthest thing from the truth. Not only has Jimmy Butler been as advertised, but Bam Adebayo has taken a massive step forward this season with the emergence of more opportunity via the exodus of Hassan Whiteside.

With the Miami Heat off to a 31-14 record, along with Bam and Jimmy leading the way for this resurgent Heat team, it was all but certain that they were to be All-Stars right? Well, that information is yet to be released, but we do know that neither of them will be starters.

It is an outrage. Not only do Miami Heat fans and faithful feel as though one, if not both, of their guys were snubbed, but the national media tends to feel that way too. One thing you should know is that the national media tends to turn their noses up at the Heat, so if they say it about the Heat, then there is definitely at least a sliver of validity to it.

While the national media’s reaction was a rather shocking one to the snub, there was one reaction that wasn’t. When asked about the situation, here is what Miami Heat head man Erik Spoelstra had to say on the scenario. Here is the first reaction in response to Butler, via the Twitter account of Ira Winderman.

These were strong words from a usually more calmed and deliberate man. His thoughts are spot on though, as it is a “joke” that Jimmy Butler isn’t an All-Star starter. Here is what he had to say on his big man’s candidacy.

Needless to say, Spo feels as though he has two All-Stars on his roster. He is absolutely correct and the coaches better had make that so.

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The Miami Heat will continue to be them though, no matter what the “accolades” may say or not say. Hopefully, this is just the motivation that the two guys mentioned need to continue to wreak havoc on opponents. We sure hope so, but it would be nice to see them in Chicago as well.