Miami Heat: Here’s why you can’t be mad at LeBron’s take on the Astros

Former Miami Heat & All-Time NBA great LeBron James recently let his feelings be known on the Astros cheating scandal. Here’s why you can’t fault him.

While the Miami Heat are known for their culture, LeBron James was already made of the right stuff, before he ever landed in South Beach. A “phenom” and the “The Chosen One” merely only halfway through his high school years, LeBron has long known how to embrace, deal with, and behave himself while sustaining and dealing with the day to day rigamarole that comes with being as great as he is and has been.

With this knowledge in tow though, it makes absolute and complete sense that he would feel the way that he does about the Houston Astros and the MLB’s sign-stealing scandal. In case you have been living under a bridge, the Houston Astros are the villans of the sports and baseball worlds right now for cheating their way into dynastic territory, at least a World Series or two. To dive deeper and in case you have been living under a rock that said bridge was constructed with, LeBron James took to social media recently to let his feelings be known and here’s the post.

Oh but wait, there’s more. The King couldn’t confine his feelings and thoughts on the topic to just one tweet. Here is part two of the above post.

To answer the question at hand, here’s why you can’t be mad. We are talking about a guy who has won at the highest level, while being the most covered, scrutinized, criticized, hated upon, and micro-analyzed professional sports figure or player ever in the history of mankind and all of its existence. He has never so much as had a hiccup and this is with all the opportunity and coverage he receives, which is the first part of the leg he has to stand on.

Speaking of never having a hiccup, the second part of that leg is the fact that we are talking about a guy who’s worst offense was rightfully and fairly deciding where he would be playing professional basketball. Of course, you have the whole pep rally thing, but who’s counting. Yes, we are talking about when he decided to come to the Miami Heat.

That is about the worst thing that anyone can say about LeBron, one of the greatest athletes and at worst, the second greatest NBA player ever. When he chose to come to play for the Miami Heat, his delivery was poor and that we will admit, but he was perfectly legal, capable, and right from an integrity standpoint to make that decision. That is the second part of the leg he has to stand on.

Plainly spoken, the guy has been the absolute poster boy for being a model citizen when he hasn’t had to be, has had all the opportunity in the world not to be, and has the resources to seamlessly clean his messes up if he ever were to have any, but that’s just it. He has never had one. That’s why you can’t be mad at him for feeling this way.

The King has spoken! And they usually listen when royalty speaks.

While it may not be at the request of LeBron James exclusively, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred has to come out and go further than he did as far as player punishment, he just has to. We think so, the rest of the MLB’s players think so, and LeBron James does too.