Miami Heat: Dwyane Wade Jersey Retirement one of hottest tickets ever

Dwyane Wade #3 of the Miami Heat runs on top of the scorers table (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
Dwyane Wade #3 of the Miami Heat runs on top of the scorers table (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

The Miami Heat will further immortalize the franchise’s G.O.A.T, Dwyane Wade, Saturday by retiring his jersey in a game with one of the hottest tickets ever.

The Miami Heat will honor the franchise’s greatest player ever on Saturday by officially hanging his number in the rafters. With Chris Bosh‘s jersey being risen and hung from the beams of the American Airlines Center on last season, it is only right that Dwyane Wade is the next to go, while only LeBron’s Miami “6” would be the next logical fit as far as numbers to go up there.

While we are here, his Miami Heat number “6” will one day be hanging from the ceiling and the only reason it won’t be his “6” and “23” is that Pat Riley has already retired the number “23” for Michael Jordan.

With that in mind though, that takes care of the first thing that we absolutely know about Miami, that it’s Dwyane Wade’s first and foremost. Wade County is a real thing.

The second thing we know, however, is that there is always a ton to do on South Beach. From the food to the culture, to the locals, to the nightlife, there is always a ton to do in Miami, but that brings us here. Apparently, the L3gacy of one Dwyane Tyrone Wade supersedes that and here’s why we think so.

According to one aftermarket ticket seller, to be specific, Dwyane Wade’s jersey retirement ceremony is the third most expensive retirement ceremony game of this decade on the secondary market. While that is a feat in itself when considering the names of the players that have played and retired during the decade of the 2010s, when you hear who he falls behind and sits ahead of, that makes it just that much more special to behold.

On the list ahead of Dwyane Wade in this specific respect are Kobe Bryant and Paul Pierce, both in extremely high markets as far as cost of living with Los Angeles and Boston, as they were more expensive but market rates and fluctuation do make a difference here. On the list behind Dwyane Wade are three other NBA Legends and Hall Of Famers (Tim Duncan pending but let’s get real here) in Shaquille O’Neal, Yao Ming, and the aforementioned Timmy D. That is quite the company to keep.

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We knew what he has meant to us, Miami Heat fans, those that reside in Miami/surrounding areas, and residents of Florida, but we didn’t realize he had this type of impact. We say that to say that these prices are definitely not just being driven up by Floridians or Miamans and if they are, then God bless you. Either way you go about it or view it, it is pretty amazing, but well deserved for the man who has his own county!