Miami Heat Hot Topics: Dwyane Wade, Iguodala, Boogie & Embiid hypotheticals

Dwyane Wade,, Udonis Haslem, DJ Irie and guests are seen at LYFE Brand Celebrates Dwyane Wade Jersey Retirement At HYDE American Airlines Arena(Photo by Jason Koerner/Getty Images for LYFE Brand)
Dwyane Wade,, Udonis Haslem, DJ Irie and guests are seen at LYFE Brand Celebrates Dwyane Wade Jersey Retirement At HYDE American Airlines Arena(Photo by Jason Koerner/Getty Images for LYFE Brand) /

The Miami Heat’s All-Star break return week was a busy one equipped with surprises. No surprise here, but Dwyane Wade’s night was the perfect topper.

The Miami Heat were back this past week after a very eventful and successful All-Star Weekend, might I add. The festivities in Chicago were over though and it was time to get back to work.

This work would reassume on Thursday as they traveled to Atlanta to face the Hawks in State Farm Arena. What seemed as though it would be a pretty easy contest for our Miami Heat eventually turned into something that was too hot for them to contain. This ultimately resulted in a disappointing defeat, while allowing Trae Young to go bonkers and en route to his first-ever career 50 point performance.

The Miami Heat would only get a day to let the bitter pill of defeat set in, as they were right back at it on Saturday against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Welcoming the Cavaliers into the building on Dwyane Wade‘s day, it was a blowout waiting to happen and it did. Speaking of Dwyane Wade though, that is exactly where we will start.

Dwyane Wade Retirement Game Was Absolutely The Place To Be!

The Miami Heat officially retired the famed number “3” jersey of the franchise’s greatest player ever. If Dwyane Wade is involved in the situation in Miami, there will be a ton of eager and interested fans, but you knew the people would show up and show out for what was something like this to honor the NBA legend.

Show up and show out they did and so much so, that it turned out to be one of the hottest tickets ever for a game of that manner. Find out more by clicking the above headline!

To Boogie or Not to Boogie?

The L.A. Lakers missed out on the NBA Morris twin that was available a week or so ago prior to the trade deadline, with Marcus Morris being shipped over to the Clippers. Not to be one-upped, the Los Angeles Lakers went out and got the best possible replacement option on the buyout marker for the Morris brother they missed out on, his identical twin brother Markieff Morris.

In order for the Lakers to make room for their Morris twin, they would have to cut DeMarcus Cousins. While there would be some hurdles to cross, mainly health, would he be a good Heat option? We explore that possibility here.

Essential Iguodala

The Heat went out and got Andre Iguodala before the trade deadline in a home run of a deal considering that they landed all three of him, Jae Crowder, and Solomon Hill. A ton of people see it as a no-brainer considering the Heat’s deficiencies along the wing, in man to man defense, and when you think about the fact that Justise Winslow had been out most of the season.

While he has yet to fully get into game shape after not playing at all this season prior to the trade, a reason why this current stretch to close February is huge for him, he has shown a ton of good stuff. We look at this move and why it had to be done here.

3-Team Joel Embiid Trade Madness

Joel Embiid made headlines immediately prior to the All-Star break with his unhappiness about a few things occurring amongst his team in Philadelphia. He took to social media to voice his displeasure, several platforms in fact and the response was wild and wide.

One particular responder was his good buddy, pal, former teammate, and current Miami Heat star, Jimmy Butler. We don’t have to remind you what kind of fun that stirred up. We detail a hypothetical scenario here to accomplish what had the world in a tizzy a little while back.

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The Miami Heat are set to face off against the Cleveland Cavaliers again on Monday night. Hopefully, it’ll turn out just like Saturday’s contest did, but either way, we’ll be watching! Until next time, this has been this week’s Miami Heat Hot Topics.