Miami Heat: Bam Adebayo finally did the thing we’ve all been asking him to

Bam Adebayo #13 of the Miami Heat dribbles against the Washington Wizards (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)
Bam Adebayo #13 of the Miami Heat dribbles against the Washington Wizards (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images) /

The Miami Heat faced an always tough test in their familiar foe, the Washington Wizards. Bam Adebayo was needed and he came through in a major way.

This past Sunday, the Miami Heat took on the Washington Wizards and during the game, it looked like the same old Miami Heat struggling on the road. To make matters worse, it was against the struggling Washington Wizards.

To make things even worse, Jimmy Butler left early third quarter due to a left toe injury and on top of that, Goran Dragic and Kendrick Nunn we’re both in foul trouble throughout the entire game. Now, if you follow me on twitter (see above), I give first and second half recaps.

Many times there, I always call for Bam Adebayo to be more aggressive while taking advantage of his 15-17ft jumper more often.  With all that being said, Adebayo came out in the fourth quarter dominating.

Bam had13 drives for 13 points (4/5 FG and 4/4 FT) and just a single turnover. Adebayo was making Thomas Bryant‘s night dreadful by attacking him, which happened to be the reason that Bryant fouled out of the game if you ask me.

Adebayo was faking handoffs that usually result in a Duncan Robinson three, which is usually always a good idea, but not in this fourth quarter. I just really liked Adebayo’s mindset going into the fourth.

Bam was simply just attacking the rim, which oftentimes resulted in free throws. He was doing the things that I’ve always wanted to see him do on a nightly basis. In my opinion, last Sunday was a big step for Adebayo going forward, in knowing that he showed himself that he can be aggressive and take over the game.

This is especially when considering his handling ability and quickness, which explains why a lot of bigs can’t stay in front of him. We All know Adebayo is an All-Star but at times he doesn’t look to score, wanting to do the little things like passing, setting screens and continue to facilitate the offense.

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We are not complaining, as this is a great thing for the Heat in that Miami does need all of those things he brings to the table and you love to see it from one of your best players. However, there will be times such as last Sunday and it’s important that Bam not only showed us but himself, that he can score and make things happen on his own when it matters the most.