Miami Heat: How even Derrick Jones Jr.’s athleticism was taken up a notch

Derrick Jones Jr. #5 of the Miami Heat dunks the ball (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Derrick Jones Jr. #5 of the Miami Heat dunks the ball (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Miami Heat have become known for their rigorous conditioning requirements, which goes hand in hand with their elite physical programs.

The Miami Heat have grown to be synonymous with the fact that they are among the most rigorous and regimented when it comes to the physical conditioning of their players. Look no further than the case of James Johnson.

This past season, as teams around the NBA were gearing up to begin their training camps, Johnson showed up to start it a bit overweight. While this may be something that would fly in other organizations around the league, it wasn’t going to do so in Miami. He would be sent home from training camp, before then being allowed to return after getting it under control.

This isn’t something that just started in Miami though. It has been a long-standing notion that when playing in Miami for the Heat, a player is more than likely going to be in the absolute best physical shape of their lives.

Conditioning, sculpting, and maintaining isn’t the only area of improving physical capabilities that the Miami Heat have seemed to learn to excel in though. Not only does the next piece of data prove that they are indeed good at what they do, getting the most out of the human body, but it shows that they are at the apex of doing so.

This particular example proves that they can take something that’s already elite… and actually make it better. What’s better than elite?

Who knows, but if you listen close at around two minutes and 50 seconds in the following video clip, you’ll hear what I mean. Here it is, via the official Twitter account of the Miami Heat.

Yep ladies and gentlemen, you heard the man right. Derrick Jones Jr., the human pogo stick, a man capable of levitating in mid-air, Airplane Mode himself said that since arriving in Miami, his own leaping ability has increased! Can you imagine that?

We actually can, as it has been apparent this season during the games if you are paying close attention to some of the stunts he’s been pulling off. By the way and sidebar, have we mentioned how much we miss Miami Heat basketball? Sadface.gif.

To sum it up though, the Miami Heat were able to pull a little bit more blood out of a turnip, which was already the best turnip in the contest. They elevated the leaping ability of one of the NBA’s all-time leapers.

He was a top 5 leaper in the NBA prior to ever even arriving in South Beach. Insanity.

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Every time he takes off or gathers to rise, it’s like getting to the top of the hill on a roller coaster and we love to see it. The Miami Heat are some of the ones to thank for that feeling. They are responsible for even helping to take Derrick Jones Jr’s crazy natural athleticism to an even higher level.