Miami Heat: 3 best “mood” posts from Bam Adebayo’s quarantine twitter

: Bam Adebayo #13 of the Miami Heat dunks over Jarrett Allen #31 of the Brooklyn Nets (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
: Bam Adebayo #13 of the Miami Heat dunks over Jarrett Allen #31 of the Brooklyn Nets (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

With the Miami Heat & NBA season suspended, some are finding other ways to spend their time. Some are just talking about how bored they are though.

The Miami Heat are a team that typically doesn’t just let idle time remain idle. Based on the other things we know about the organization, as far as how they run things and go about making sure that everyone stays engaged, to say that they had a ton of empty minutes throughout a day is hard to believe.

This comes as no secret considering the things that go into being a Miami Heat player though. You have to be willing to go to your furthest limits and oftentimes a place that you haven’t gone before.

Whether that be the extra intense workouts to make sure that you are fulfilling your conditioning standards or the wee-hour workouts to keep up with your newly acquired superstar player (looking at you Jimmy Butler), Miami Heat players are very familiar with the phenomenon of “staying busy”.

This is until there is nothing to do but twiddle your thumbs and “staying busy” isn’t an option. That is the place and space that a certain Miami Heat player finds himself in at the moment, all of them really but this one has made it a thing. It is with these thoughts that we present to you, the top three “mood” posts from Bam Adebayo during the NBA suspension.

Counting Games

Have you ever been so bored and bothersome at the same time to your parents or whoever the person in charge was at the time that they advised you to go count your fingers and toes? Well, I have and so has Bam Adebayo obviously, although the Spongebob Squarepants reenactment hits different.

This is literally what they meant when they said that to you. As SB (we’re tight, so we call him SB) says in the above clip, “The Gang’s All Here” because that’s your “crew” when you’re bored out of your mind.

Self Reflecting Bam

Edrice Adebayo was said to be nicknamed after the rambunxious little Hercules from The Flintstones television show and cartoon of the same name. Bam’s superhuman athleticism is sometimes very similar to that shown by Barney and Betty Rubble’s firstborn. Here was Adebayo dedicating one of his posts to his namesake.

Let’s hope the real-life Bam hasn’t started doing this, although we are sure he could if he tried. The creativity and real-life parallel here makes this one of his three best “mood” posts though.

Sanitary Slide

With the “routine dance” being all the social media craze these days, Bam obviously decided to go this route as well. Although not lauded for its technicality, the usage of props and themes in this particular “step” makes it a 10 of 10.

Say what you want, but the man was right on point. The truth and reality in this post is what made it one of his top three.

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Hopefully, we get back to real hoops sooner than later, as all of us are going a little bonkers right now. At least Bam is finding a way to keep himself engaged and entertained though, because he sure is entertaining us. We can’t wait until he’s doing it again with his play though.