Miami Heat: Taking a look at Michael Jordan’s best game against Heat

Michael Jordan #23 of the Chcago Bulls shoots over Alonzo Mourning #33 and Tim Hardaway #10 of the Miami Heat (Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images)
Michael Jordan #23 of the Chcago Bulls shoots over Alonzo Mourning #33 and Tim Hardaway #10 of the Miami Heat (Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images) /

The Miami Heat are not without fallacy, as even they give up the occasional huge scoring game. This one, however, was in the playoffs and to the G.O.A.T.

With Miami Heat basketball, and all other sports or live entertainment for that matter, being shut down for the moment, we have found ourselves in a quandary. The empty time that we usually had reserved for our favorite pastimes, again Miami Heat basketball in our case, has now had to be constructively filled by other forms of entertainment or occupation.

While many of us have seen Netflix’s “Tiger King” by now or binged watched everyone’s new favorite show all of a sudden, Ozark, the sports fan in all of us finally gets something specifically tailored to us. Originally scheduled for release in June of 2020, the ESPN’s documentary on Michael Jordan entitled “The Last Dance” will now premiere on Sunday, April 19, a direct response according to a statement released by the network.

It isn’t live basketball and the actual vigor and competition of the NBA season that we left off with as this suspension started, but finally, sports fans have something new to sink their teeth into. This began us to thinking though, what is something we could sink our teeth into to commemorate the premiere of the 10 part documentary series? Well, this is what we came up with to kick it off, a look back at Michael Jordan’s best game against the Miami Heat.

The year was 1992 and the Miami Heat had finished the regular season with a record of 38-44 to land the eighth seed in the NBA’s Eastern Conference. Being led by Glenn Rice, their prize for just barely making the playoffs was a first-round matchup against the defending champion Chicago Bulls. Of course, this would mean that the Miami Heat would also be facing off against the game’s greatest player, one Michael Jeffrey Jordan.

Proceeding to dismantle the Miami Heat on their way to being up 2-0 in the series, as series’ were best of five in those days, game three would be played in Miami. This did have a positive impact on the outcome based on the previous two games of the series, but not a big enough one.

Michael Jordan not only proceeded to have his best scoring night ever against the Miami Heat franchise, but he did so in a playoff game and one of the elimination variety just to throw salt in the wound.

The Black Cat finished with 56 points, five rebounds, five assists, four steals, and two blocks on nearly 67 percent shooting from the floor. He finished 20/30 on field goal attempts, while sinking 16 of 18 free throw attempts. The man was simply on fire.

While this is all about Michael Jordan and the greatness that was His Airness, it’s just further illuminating on just how bright his greatness shines when considering the fact that on any other team and perhaps even on his own team on any other night, Scottie Pippen‘s stat line would have been the talk of the town and apart of history.

Pip finished with 31 points, eight rebounds, five assists, and two blocks of his own. While again, this is about MJ, a game like the one Scottie Pippen had is definitely also worth a mention.

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While this one stings to think about because it was against the Miami Heat, the pain is eased in knowing that it was at the hands of the G.O.A.T., Air Jordan. Until Miami Heat basketball is back, and the rest of the league too we guess, this should suffice and serve to quench our basketball thirst. This was a look a Jordan’s best game against the Miami Heat as we prepare to witness it all unfold again though.