Miami Heat: Tyler Herro & Kendrick Nunn should be studying during hiatus

Tyler Herro #14 of the Miami Heat celebrates with Kendrick Nunn #25 (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Tyler Herro #14 of the Miami Heat celebrates with Kendrick Nunn #25 (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

The Miami Heat youngsters in Kendrick Nunn and Tyler Herro were having good years. Who should they be studying with all of their newfound free time though?

Both Tyler Herro and Kendrick Nunn of the Miami Heat were in the midst of promising rookie campaigns, but with the season on hold for now, what should they be doing with all this free time? Of course, this question means besides watching the film on where they can be better in all phases of the game, that I’m sure Coach Spoelstra and staff got over to them immediately after the suspension.

Well, it isn’t that far off of that, to be honest. On top of their own aforementioned film, I believe that they should watch tape of guys who have a similar game to them or that they can further emulate their games after.

Tyler Herro should be watching a ton of film on Klay Thompson. Now, I know Herro has said that he thinks his game is similar to Devin Booker, as it is so don’t get me wrong. However, up until this point, Booker hasn’t shown the ability to play defense at a high enough level yet.

Herro can already create his own shot and is a sniper from three-point territory, but he still needs work at the defensive end. Who else would be a better example to watch other than Thompson at the defensive end for a player like Herro?

Herro is not as big as Thompson, but both are similar in the way that they play the game. Who’s to say that Herro can’t be a very solid defender when he gets bigger and stronger? Watching Thompson on the defensive end could only help him get that much closer to possibly becoming that.

Both of Kendrick Nunn’s tapes should arrive from Coach Spo’s office and personal collection. What’s this mean? Simple, it means that Kendrick Nunn should be digesting all of the film he can on his Miami Heat teammate, Goran Dragic.

Nunn has definitely been a surprise for the Miami Heat this year, while showing an adept ability to score and displaying that he is without a conscious on the basketball court. In essence and while he does a good job of hitting a good amount of them, be they contested or wide open, he has absolutely no problem putting up a ton of shots in a hurry.

Now, I am not saying that Nunn should totally change his game, because his style of play and application of that style has definitely helped this team this year.  What I am saying though is that like any player or person that wants to be good to great at anything, there are always things you can work on.

Please don’t misconstrue this, I don’t want Nunn to stop being aggressive but I don’t want him to force as many shots as he has over the first part of his rookie season either. He should definitely begin to learn to look more to create for his team as much as he creates for himself, which is why I’ve suggested he watches tape of his teammate in the Dragon.

He has a very similar style of play to Nunn, where both are score-first guards. Dragic, however, has always been a willing passer though and not that he gets a ton of assist, but in the words of the late great Kenny Rogers, “You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, Know when to fold ’em” and Dragi certainly does.

This is illustrated by his career average of 4.8 assists over his entire 12-year career, as compared to  Nunn’s average of 3.4 assists as a small guard in just his lone season this year. To be clear here though, it really doesn’t matter to me if Nunn averages more assists, you just want the ball not to stick so much to his hands when he gets it.

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Even if it’s just more and more ball movement, that helps him and the rest of the team as a whole. Plainly and simply, we don’t want him to change his entire way of playing the game, but just to fine-tune it for efficiency and execution. In any scenario, but especially our current world scenario, this is who Tyler Herro & Kendrick Nunn should be studying during the hiatus.