Miami Heat: Josh Richardson latest NBA’er to dawn new hairstyle

Jimmy Butler #22 of the Miami Heat dribbles the ball against Josh Richardson #0 of the Philadelphia 76ers (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Jimmy Butler #22 of the Miami Heat dribbles the ball against Josh Richardson #0 of the Philadelphia 76ers (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

Miami Heat stud rookie froze the world recently by dawning the cornrow-fade look, now, former Heat swingman Josh Richardson is shooting his proverbial shot.

The Miami Heat aren’t risk-takers. Well, they are in certain instances, but for the most part, they play things safe and in a more for sure manner.

That was at least what we thought the case was until Tyler Herro popped out with new hair in recent days. While many just saw it as a hairstyle change, more of his recent activity and sightings have led us to believe that it’s just a complete Miami makeover for the stud Miami Heat rookie sharpshooter.

A compete Miami makeover for the burgeoning star of the Miami Heat. One commenter took it even further, noting that save for “a Couple of face and necks tats”, he “wouldn’t be able to tell you and lil skies apart”. We will admit, it’s a good look for the man we like to refer to as a Bucket. 

Not to be outdone though and another look that isn’t that bad, even if we do say so ourselves, former Miami Heat swingman Josh Richardson is also dawning a new look these days. The since traded swingman was having a really good year in Philadelphia before the season was suspended.

For the record and in case you haven’t heard it already, we really liked and still like J-Rich. We wish he were still with the Miami Heat, but that speaks towards his work ethic, improvement, and quality as a player.

He was what it took for the 76ers to agree to help facilitate the deal that landed us Jimmy Butler, so it had to be done. While this is pure speculation, we would love nothing more than for him to come back to South Beach once his contractual obligations are fulfilled in Philly, although again, this is purely speculative wishful thinking. Make it happen if you’re reading though, Josh and Pat Riley!

In any event though, Richardson popped out with his own platinum hairstyle. That isn’t to rate it, as they do with musical albums and projects, but literally to describe the color. Well, it’s platinum enough, enough so to make you ask “what in the Demolition Man is going on here?”

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Again, it’s honestly a good look for Josh as he tends to win in this arena, even when he goes far out there to do it. As long as that jump shot he’s working on with his new do is broken when he plays his former team, the Miami Heat, we are all good.