Miami Heat: Dwyane Wade wonders about the respect on his name?

The greatest Miami Heat player ever, Dwyane Wade, recently took to social media to ask a question. Where is the respect that should be placed on his name?

The Miami Heat have had their share of legends walk through their hallways. From Tim Hardaway to Shaquille O’Neal, from Alonzo Mourning to Gary Payton, from Chris Bosh to Ray Allen, all the way down to arguably the greatest player to ever play the game in LeBron James.

None of them, however, have ever been or will be as famous, iconic, and as meaningful to the Miami Heat, Miami Heat fans, and the city of Miami as Dwyane Wade. Need we all be reminded, they changed the name of an entire county, for crying out loud.

The greatest player in Miami Heat history is not only just the man in his city or in the record books for the city that he played for and calls one of his homes, but he is the third greatest shooting guard ever. That’s a fact, not opinion and only behind His Airness in Michael Jordan and Kobe Bean Bryant.

If you don’t believe us, take it from a guy who knows. While he didn’t rank them per se, what he said sends the same message.

Tim Grover, the famous sports trainer of MJ, Kobe, and D.Wade, recently said that Flash was essentially made of the same stuff as those other two. Again, while that isn’t a ranking, if he has what the number one and two shooting guards in NBA history have, then he must be number three. That’s what we like to call deduction, my friends.

While Grover sees it and while we see it, everyone obviously doesn’t see it that way. This is so much so the case that one not so knowledgeable social media page decided to refer to Dwyane Wade as simply one of “LeBron’s teammates” recently and Father Prime made it known that he was aware of the incident.

Well said flash, “respect the body of work”, you have to. If you can’t honor the wishes of a legend and the subject of your discussions, why discuss it at all?

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That was obviously a question that Flash had and the rest of us do to. No matter what the answer may have been, when you speak about a Miami Heat and NBA legend named Dwyane Wade, please put some respect on his name.

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