Miami Heat: Tim Hardaway Sr. has the device that Jimmy Butler needs in the bubble

Miami Heat legend, Tim Hardaway Sr. has just the device for Jimmy Butler. Here’s a hint, Jimmy got reprimanded for dribbling a ball in his hotel room.

The Miami Heat work hard. That’s it, that’s the sentence and the piece. We’re done.

Well no, actually, that’s just it though. It’s all and only about hard work at its core with the Miami Heat and their leader on the floor especially embodies that characteristic in Jimmy Butler.

Jimmy so much so believes in getting his work in that he seems to be deadset on getting it done anytime, anywhere, and by any means. That’s at least the assumption we get off a more recent piece of information that was released. Here is a tweet that illustrates the instance, from the NBA On TNT’s Twitter account.

Reprimanded by hotel security at whatever hotel the Miami Heat were lodged at before being allowed to enter the bubble due to quarantining standards and spread prevention, Jimmy Butler wasn’t going to let being confined to a hotel room stop him from getting better.

That’s what we love to see from our guys with the Miami Heat. We also like to see ball movement, or to not be so clever and witty, teamwork.

Jimmy Butler of the Miami Heat recently received a visit from hotel security. Tim Hardaway Sr. has a device to help keep that from happening again.

That’s the case in this next golden nugget we ran across on twitter. It is another Miami Heat family member, a Heat legend if you will, who has a product that may solve all of Jimmy’s future training indoors needs. Here it is, from the twitter of Tim Hardaway Sr. himself.

One of the original crossover kings, referring to his elite handle and dribbling abilities, Hardaway Sr. does work here on a contraption that seems to be built for the exact situation that Jimmy Butler may find himself in.

Ok, while this won’t work for all of Jimmy’s, or anyone’s, dribbling needs for any potential work they may be doing with a basketball, it is good for getting some handle work in while in a place where you don’t constantly want the thud of the basketball.

It also seems to have some other inherent benefits as well, just based on the engineering from a naked eye’s look. if you notice, it seems to be made of some trampoline-esque type of material that gives the ball a little extra jolt as it comes back.

That teaches hand speed and coordination with the basketball, as if you can do it in a faster tempo, regular distance and cadence should be a breeze. You also notice how it’s built in a “T shape”, which allows you to practice most moves you might do while also teaching proper balance and stance for proper ball control.

It is a nifty little device, perhaps Jimmy can use it. If it’s good enough for Tim Hardaway Sr., then believe me, it should be good enough for anyone trying to improve their ballhandling skills.

So, again, perhaps Jimmy might listen to the Miami Heat legend. At the very least, it’ll keep whoever is sharing the dwelling with Jimmy at peace.