Miami Heat Rumors: Donovan Mitchell & Dwyane Wade parallels keep coming

The Miami Heat are in the thick of a playoff hunt at the moment, but the offseason is approaching. Will Donovan Mitchell be made available by Utah?

The Miami Heat are right where they want to be, in the midst of an NBA championship run and there is no other place that they would rather be. You can bet your bottom dollar on that.

At some point though, preferably after winning the whole thing, they will have to return to Miami. At that juncture, the offseason for our favorite little professional basketball team, it will then be time to retool for next season.

While there have been a ton of names tossed around, as far as who the Miami Heat might pursue next to add to their already blossoming core, there are none that seem more tailor-made for this organization that Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz.

It should be abundantly clear already, but here is a hint.

Yes, the Utah Jazz frontman moves, plays, and throws it down exactly like the greatest player in Miami Heat franchise history, Dwyane Wade. Further than that, Flash recently revealed that he mentors the Jazz’s young star from time to time.

The Miami Heat will likely look to further improve their roster this offseason. Will Donovan Mitchell be in the cards for Miami?

He went into a bit on a recent podcast appearance. Here he is on JJ Reddick’s Old Man and Three podcast.

Well, there you have it. The Miami Heat’s greatest told you himself.

Donovan Mitchell is currently in the midst of leading his Utah Jazz through the playoffs, with a 2-1 series lead over the Denver Nuggets in the first round, but what about beyond that?

The Miami Heat will probably be looking to make improvements to their roster in the coming summer and Mitchell might be in play here. What might it take to pry the young superstar from the paws of the Utah Jazz?

A boatload is more than likely the answer here, but it may be worth it. For me, you have to wonder about Mitchell’s continued consistency as a deep shooter, but you can take comfort in the fact that he has shot over 36 percent in the last two seasons on at least 6.7 attempts per contest.

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We shall see what the future holds, but it would be nice to have the next coming of Flash on this Heat roster. We will keep monitoring the situation, but for now, the parallels between the Heat’s greatest and Mitchell will just keep on coming.