Miami Heat: Chris Bosh praises Heat culture on J.J. Redick’s “Old man & The Three”

The Miami Heat are a game away from the Conference Finals. Knowing a ton about that culture, former Heat Champ Chris Bosh talked it on J.J. Redick’s podcast.

The Miami Heat are but a game away from the Eastern Conference Finals and with a chance to close the door on their second-round series again on Tuesday, all is well in Miami Heat Land for the moment.

While the individual skill sets and physical abilities of each player has played a huge part in getting the Miami Heat this far, some of that credit has to be given to the atmosphere that has been fostered by the players, the coaches, and that organization.

While that is called culture in sports, for most organizations, it is a fleeting thing. This means that depending on who the people are at the top managerial wise, who the head coach is, and who the best players are on any given team, that this culture can change from year to year.

While, again, that is the case for most teams and organizations, that is not the case for the Miami Heat. When thinking Miami Heat basketball, the thing that always comes up is this daunted Miami Heat Culture. 

We’ve been talking about it for years because it’s real. We even went into a bit of detail here fairly recently, about what Miami Heat Culture actually is. 

Our written words are proof enough, but some will still take that with a grain of salt. Fair enough and as fair as that actually is, here is an opinion that you can’t take as lightly.

On J.J. Redick‘s The Old Man & the Three Podcast, former NBA great, Big 3 Era alumni, and Miami Heat champion, Chris Bosh, sat down to talk about a few things. Among them was, you guessed it,  Heat Culture.

Let’s see what CB had to say.

You heard it for yourself. Not only did we learn that it was hard to win “one” “regular season basketball game”, per Redick’s request to emphasize said fact, we learned what Heat Culture is per Bosh.

He talked about what types of guys fit it, how they fit it, what these players look like, and a ton of other things. He described how that culture lends itself towards finding players,  player development, and making sure that they are put in the best position to succeed.

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One of the biggest points he made was the one about our Dragon. Speaking of Goran Dragic, he spoke to how he has bought into the system and where he best fits, off the pine as the microwave and general bucket getter with any unit.

Those, plus a few more, all the things that this Heat Culture is made of. Chris Bosh knows. Perhaps you have a better understanding now too.


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