Miami Heat NBA Draft Rumors: Tyler Herro is the PG of the future

The Miami Heat have been linked with multiple prospects thus far and a few of them have been lead guard types. Tyler Herro is saying pump your brakes.

The Miami Heat are knee-deep in a playoff run to the title, but that doesn’t mean that the business of the NBA is going to stop around them. In fact, with the wanky schedule that the NBA has had to try and concoct on the fly, this business is seeming as taxing as ever while the Heat are trying to advance in the postseason.

As it will continue to go on, the Miami Heat have to do the best they can to keep up, like everyone else. With that in mind, the NBA Draft season is officially upon us.

As it has actually been upon us traditionally for quite some time now, we are chronologically at the point in the NBA season where we typically start to hear who might go where and what team is looking to draft who or what position.

The Miami Heat aren’t safe from those projections and predictions. Although various projections, predictions, and/or mock drafts that you see seem to have the Heat taking a myriad of different players and positions, there is one position that you see more than any other when it comes to potential prospects.

The Miami Heat are projected and mocked to take a point guard by many people in the NBA Draft know. Here’s why that won’t happen.

That position is the point guard. As logical as it seems, with the Miami Heat not operating with a true point guard, for the most part, this season, it isn’t the way things will end up and here’s why.

Have you been watching the NBA Playoffs? Specifically, have you been watching the Miami Heat in the playoffs?

If you have, you would notice that they have a young, silky smooth, ball handling, ball scoring, and playmaking guard on their team already. Not listed as a traditional point guard, he can do everything that a traditional point can do and actually suits the new run and gun style of the league more as a lead guard.

That guy is Tyler Herro. Yes, the same Tyler Herro who is averaging double figures scoring across his first-ever playoff run in his rookie season.

Yes, the same Tyler Herro who is averaging four assists and over 5.5 rebounds per contest in the playoffs as a rookie. The same Tyler Herro who was just a single assist away from achieving his first career triple-double and playoff career triple-double in the same game back in Game 1 of the Celtics series.

Yes, that guy. That… rookie.

He’s the reason why the Miami Heat probably won’t draft a point guard anytime soon unless it’s for depth purposes, he’s the guy. Not only is he a prolific scorer, creator, and shooter of the ball, but he really does have the rock on a string with his handle.

The Miami Heat and Pat Riley did it again with Tyler Herro, that is, found top of the draft talent in the middle. It’s the same thing that happened with Bam Adebayo.

It’s the same thing that will likely happen this year if the Miami Heat hold on to the pick but either way, it won’t be used on a point guard. Tyler Herro is the question to this Jeopardy answer. He is the Miami Heat’s point guard of the future.