Miami Heat Rumors: A top free agent destination after NBA Bubble run?

Miami Heat general manager Pat Riley during the 2019 NBA All-Star Game(Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Heat general manager Pat Riley during the 2019 NBA All-Star Game(Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Miami Heat have had a massive run in the NBA Bubble and all the way to the NBA Finals. Now, they seem to be a top destination for NBA Free Agents.

The Miami Heat are currently battling for their championship lives in the NBA Finals. Being down 3-1 in the series to the Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James, that is probably all that is on anyone’s mind that is apart of that organization.

Luckily for us all though, some of us have to keep our ears to the grapevine. This latest tidbit is one that should make you smile.

According to Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer, the Miami Heat have become a top free agent destination choice after their NBA Bubble run. Here is an excerpt from his piece.

"Front office executives around the league believe the Heat have become the league’s top destination for the next star with a wandering eye. Maybe it will be a free agent. Or maybe a player under contract who will seek a trade in 2021, since the Heat have good young players who could be traded in addition to first-round picks in 2025, 2026, and 2027. Keep in mind: Miami emptied the draft pick cupboard to acquire LeBron and Bosh 10 years ago. Who knows what could happen in the coming years with Houston, Indiana, Philadelphia, Washington, or any other team facing a crossroads."

While other teams can present some similar things that Miami can, no other team has its unique combination of things. The first thing you think about is Miami and all that it as a city can offer. That is a ton.

The Miami Heat have done work in the NBA Bubble. Will it pay off in the coming Free-Agency period?

Next, you think about the culture, the coaching, and the management that is being led by none other than Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra. That is enough greatness to grab anyone’s attention as well.

Lastly though, it’s about the players they have now and how they use the ones that they acquire. Here is another excerpt that goes into that a bit.

"The Heat aren’t the only team with financial flexibility. But Miami also has the roster flexibility to fit virtually anyone into its system. Few teams have both. Bring in another big and Adebayo can still facilitate (he might be shooting 3s by then anyway). Bring in a scorer or playmaker, and they could build on the role Dragic shined in until tearing his plantar fascia in Game 1. Dragic, who turned 34 in May, is one player the Heat may need to replace in the coming years due to his age and durability. But this is the benefit to already having a star as versatile as Butler, who is under contract through 2023 (with a player option). Curry and Thompson had to make sacrifices to accommodate Durant, and Butler already gives up the ball with his current teammates and steps up when needed."

The Miami Heat have been a “destination” long before this run, but this run may have highlighted some of the things you can do in Miami as a player if you come and buy-in. The Miami Heat will be just fine.

Next. Are they willing to trade any two for Giannis?. dark

It’s still not over in the NBA Finals either, although they have a tough hill to climb. We will be right there Friday night to cheer them on and right there this offseason as we look to continue improving this team.