Miami Heat: Re-signing Goran Dragic should still be a top priority

Miami Heat guard Goran Dragic (7) shoots against the Boston Celtics(Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Heat guard Goran Dragic (7) shoots against the Boston Celtics(Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Miami Heat are in a really tricky situation in the NBA Finals, being down 3-1. Even beyond that though, Goran Dragic should be a priority this offseason.

The Miami Heat are in a tough spot. They are down 3-1 in the NBA Finals.

They are facing the second greatest player to ever lace them up, along with his All-World teammate in another top 5 player in the world, Anthony Davis. Although AD hasn’t played like it throughout this series in all games, he still has massive talent.

While their talent is one thing that has helped them get out to such a sizeable lead in the Finals, that isn’t the only thing. A little luck manifested into the poor health of the Miami Heat has really helped them along as well.

While Bam Adebayo missed two games of this series, Game 2 and 3, Goran Dragic has missed all but one half of this series. He literally hasn’t played since the first half of Game One.

That has surely impacted this series. It was no more prevalent than in Game 4 where the Miami Heat couldn’t find good looks late in the halfcourt in the clutch moments.

The Miami Heat are ahead of schedule, but that doesn’t mean this year wasn’t important. Down in the Finals, it illustrates the importance of bringing back ‘The Dragon’.

Those are the moments where Goran Dragic typically makes something happen from nothing, has one of those “how did he do that” finishes, floaters, or pulls up in the defender’s face with no regard.

This often led to a swish or a bucket plus the foul. It’s just what he does.

It is for that reason, beyond this season and these playoffs, that Goran Dragic must be a priority this offseason. With the plan that was put into place with him this season, as the Miami Heat’s super sixth man and microwave off the pine, they have extended his career by at least two more good years, if not more.

You have seen it in the playoffs, as he has not only been the Heat’s leading scorer and one of their best players, but he has been one of the best in the bubble. That’s a fact.

I am not sure how they get it done, as they will want to bring back Jae Crowder while keeping the flexibility to add another impact piece. Perhaps it’s a big one year deal, with a future promise.

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They do it all the time. Also, if Pat Riley tells you something, count on it.

So, while I don’t know exactly how it will look, it will come to fruition. The Miami Heat have to as he has been absolutely key in what they have accomplished this year and likely the reason they are in a hole now.