This is the Miami Heat’s most important adjustment heading into Game 5

Miami Heat guard Andre Iguodala (28) and guard Duncan Robinson (55) celebrate(Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Heat guard Andre Iguodala (28) and guard Duncan Robinson (55) celebrate(Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Miami Heat are down 3-1 in the NBA Finals. With one lost before elimination, there is nothing left to reserve in a win or go home situation.

The Miami Heat are but 48 long minutes from going home this season. That could be all that is left of this NBA season if the Heat aren’t able to pull off the win on Friday.

With all that has gone into the year and this playoff run in the bubble, I am not ready to look back on any kind of moral victory yet. The Miami Heat still have an opportunity before them to do something special, even more special and unheard of in their current scenario, so we will look at all things associated with those chances as opposed to checking out the villa deals in Cancun.

On Friday, the Miami Heat must do better than they did in Game 4. That game and how it turned out is what inspired what we think could be one of the biggest adjustments heading into Friday’s Game 5.

While some might think that it should come on the defensive side of the ball, the Miami Heat aren’t doing that bad there. They are doing all they can, besides a few minor mistakes or logistical issues here or there, however, they are being outmatched from a talent and size perspective in a lot of cases.

The Miami Heat need to make shots in order to keep their series alive. It would help there as well if they would actually take them.

With that being what it is at this point, the Miami Heat can help themselves on the other side of the ball. That adjustment is simply this… Let it fly.

Without Goran Dragic in the lineup to create offense, good looks, or hit huge shots in the halfcourt, the Miami Heat found themselves very stagnant in Game 4, coming up small in the halfcourt time after time. What can help there, other than some miraculous healing by Dragic, is if players actually take their open looks.

I can count multiple occasions in Game 4, and across the series really, where guys had open layups or three-point shots and passed them up. In a game where you are playing against supreme offensive talent, you are also dealing with mismatches and disadvantages that are somewhat beyond your control, and especially when you don’t have the guy that has been the best in that area for you throughout the postseason, you have to shoot all your shots.

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That goes proverbially, figuratively, and absolutely literally. That’s the only way you have a chance.

This isn’t saying to go all trigger happy or take poor shots, but it is saying to not pass up open looks. That’s the biggest Heat adjustment that I think needs to be made heading into Game 5 of the NBA Finals and frankly, one of their only chances at survival, a comeback bid, and ultimately the upset attempt.