Should the Miami Heat pursue a Josh Richardson reunion?

Philadelphia 76ers guard Josh Richardson (0) chases a loose ball against Miami Heat forward Meyers Leonard (0)(Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports)
Philadelphia 76ers guard Josh Richardson (0) chases a loose ball against Miami Heat forward Meyers Leonard (0)(Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Miami Heat need to continue to look to build this roster out with guys that fit their philosophy. Who better than a guy that came of age in that system, Josh Richardson.

The Miami Heat are in the same place that a lot of other NBA franchises are in right now. That is full-blown tinker mode.

While they don’t have the fate of some teams in the league, with vacancies at either or both the GM and Head Coaching positions, they are in the process of looking to improve their team just like every other team.

While the Miami Heat should definitely look to mix up and improve their depth in the front-court, specifically help in the paint and rim protection, there is room to add another wing or two to the mix. With the Miami Heat’s philosophy as a team and their current composition, it can’t be just any wing though.

It would probably have to be a two-way guy who can hit the open three. Having someone capable of playing on-ball wouldn’t hurt either.

But where is a guy like that who might be available? Well, the answer may not be that far… or far removed from the Miami Heat.

The Miami Heat need to continue to add to their arsenal. A former player might be primed for a return to the franchise that discovered him.

For specifics, we look to our friends over at The Sixer Sense. They recently published a piece titled “Get ready for the Josh Richardson trade“, where the following quote was pulled from.

"Unless Elton Brand can defy all logical expectations and clear up the Sixers’ cap sheet, Philadelphia will have virtually no cap space next offseason. While Richardson hits the open market in search of a bigger payday, the Sixers will be saddled by Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, Tobias Harris, and quite possibly Al Horford — all on contract for at least three more seasons.While Richardson is on a bargain deal for 2020-21 at $10.8 million, what right now seems like an impending departure could drive Philadelphia to trade him. If the Sixers don’t find a way to clear a lane for Richardson to return — if they even want him to return on a more sizable contract — expect Elton Brand (or, perhaps more accurately, ownership and Doc Rivers) to slam the trade market."

They make an interesting point, a rather interesting point. The 76ers may be in a position where they can’t be choosy either, as they probably just want to make sure their cap is in decent shape and let the chips fall where they may with what they get in return and their roster makeup.

On the Miami Heat’s end, it would almost be the perfect deal if they can get it done. He would certainly improve the depth of the team.

He already knows and fits the culture and the system. He is a two-way player who would fit right in with Jimmy Butler and the rest of the squad, plus he already has chemistry with at least a few of them on the team that have remained since the end of his tenure.

Lastly, as the Miami Heat are now guaranteed to pursue Giannis Antetokounmpo when he’s a free agent after the upcoming season, Richardson would most likely come off the books then. His salary isn’t awful this season at $10.8 million, while he will most certainly decline the option for the following season at $11.6, the aforementioned coming off of the books.

Next. Are they willing to trade any two for Giannis?. dark

If the Miami Heat and Pat Riley can find a way to flip minimal to slightly moderate assets for the return of Josh Richardson, it would be a good move. He adds to this team’s depth, multipleness, interchangeability, and the overall strength of the waves that they could possibly throw at the opposition from both an offensive and defensive perspective.