Miami Heat: Though short of a title, Heat players are winning at life

The Miami Heat came up short in the NBA Finals, as painful as that may be to rehash, but that’s ok at this point. Because they are winning life!

The Miami Heat have a bit of work to do this offseason. After matching up against the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals, it was clear that they were in need of one or two more pieces.

Throw the fact that they were down two of their top three options for much of the series, that highlights the need for more depth (and a bit more luck) right there. Those are sure to be things addressed this offseason, well, hopefully.

With that though, we all know and realize that we came up just a bit short there. That’s ok though.

While it still hurts that the Miami Heat weren’t able to get that done, the Miami Heat or some of their players rather, still have plenty to smile about.

For starters, Miami Heat big man Kelly Olynyk announced recently that he was getting married. Here is a post from the big man’s social media.

Congratulations KO! And just drink it all right out of the bottle why don’t you?

Kelly isn’t the only Miami Heat player with big news. The cult hero that is Tyler Herro also made a bit of news recently.

The Miami Heat know how to win on the court and off of it. We submit the previous and the following into evidence.

Well, Jack Harlow is no stranger to the NBA World. It was him who practically outed Lou Williams for getting wings from the gentleman’s club while he was supposed to be on an approved absence from the NBA Bubble.

This time though, he isn’t out of pocket with his actions. For his new song called… you guessed it, “Tyler Herro”, he had the Heat’s dynamic rookie in the video.

Here it is. You can see it for yourself.

Yes, you are seeing what you think you are seeing. Fresh off an NBA Bubble Playoff run, Tyler Herro is now making cameos in music videos for songs named after him.

In the world of pop culture, Boy Wonder has arrived.

So and again, while the Miami Heat would have loved nothing more than to win the title, you can’t win them all. Because they are surely winning at life.