Miami Heat: Precious Achiuwa fell into their laps and it’s awesome!

Memphis Tigers forward Precious Achiuwa leans his head against the basket19
Memphis Tigers forward Precious Achiuwa leans his head against the basket19 /
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Miami Heat
Memphis Tigers forward Precious Achiuwa dunks the ball against the Wichita State ShockersW 22158 /

The Miami Heat love guys that can do a lot on the floor. That goes double when the guy is as big and athletic as Achiuwa is.

Achiuwa might be the best athlete in the draft. That’s a fact-based opinion.

He’s is a one-man fast break in transition, who even has the grab and go ability. That means that he is capable of not only taking the board off the glass, initiating the break into transition, but then also capable of finishing it on the other end. That’s a big-time talent.

Also, Achiuwa is a very good rebounder and especially offensively, averaging 10.8 rebounds per game. His defensive upside is there to become an elite defender as well.

Achiuwa can guard one through five but needs to be a bit more discipline with it all. With time though and definitely in the Miami Heat’s program, if anywhere, he can become a lockdown defender on the perimeter.

Achiuwa is a little raw in the pick and roll but shows flashes of great stuff. He sets good wide screens with his broad shoulders and off the pick, he rolls hard to the rim.

As I stated before, Achiuwa in the open floor should be hard to stop at full speed. This isn’t me getting excited as much as me literally trying to place his body type and skillset into something tangible and comparable.

Brace yourself. He shows flashes of similarities to Giannis Antetokounmpo in the open court.

If you don’t believe me… check the tape. It’s right there before your eyes.