Miami Heat: The Three Biggest Losers From The 2020 NBA Draft

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Miami Heat

Memphis Tigers forward Precious Achiuwa (55) dunks against the Houston Cougars
(Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports)

The Miami Heat were big winners in Wednesday’s NBA Draft. Everyone can’t win though, so how about we take a peep at the losers.

The Miami Heat fan in me took Wednesday evening to celebrate. We had another good draft.

On Thursday though, I took a look at three winners from the 2020 NBA Draft. Now, it’s time to take a look at the losers.

And before anyone gets any wild ideas, I definitely took a break from watching Precious Achiuwa highlights on YouTube. It was hard to stop watching the Miami Heat’s newest young potential stud, but I conquered it… for now.

Okay fine…I watched a few more. Alright, alright, it was an hour’s worth.

Don’t judge me! In case anyone had any doubts, the Miami Heat are not on this list.

When I say “loser”, I don’t necessarily mean the player a team picked was bad. In things like the NBA Draft, or any professional sports draft for that matter, it’s all about the value of the pick relative to everything else.

In sports drafts, that looks like this. When you reach on a player that could have been had later or that everything says wasn’t worthy of that draft slot, by say… within five slots or lower, then that’s a bad value.

The best value there would be to trade back, acquire an asset, and snag your player in a more appropriate range. Subsequently, getting a guy with a later pick that was ranked five slots or better higher is a great value.

This is the Miami Heat’s situation. They got a player with top 10ish talent, value, and upside way down at 20.

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