Miami Heat: Fans want James Johnson after Paul knocks Nate Robinson out

Miami Heat forward James Johnson (16) reacts after dunking the ball against the Portland Trail Blazers (Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Heat forward James Johnson (16) reacts after dunking the ball against the Portland Trail Blazers (Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports) /

Former Miami Heat forward, James Johnson, has a background in the fight game. After Jake Paul KO’d Nate Robinson, fans want to see him take on James Johnson.

The Miami Heat are a tough, gritty, no-nonsense team. James Johnson fit right into that mold when he was healthy and in shape.

He’s a mauler, with the mentality of the nastiest, meanest, most intimidating dude you know. By all accounts though, he isn’t necessarily that dude in real life.

That doesn’t mean that he can’t become that guy though when necessary. Hold on to that thought for a minute though, as we’ll come back around to it.

On Saturday night, the world got what we have been waiting on for a few months now. As part of an exhibition fight with a main card of Roy Jones versus Mike Tyson, which wasn’t an awful fight at all, to be honest, one of the undercard matches featured former NBA player, Nate Robinson and popular YouTuber, Jake Paul.

Well, it started with a whole bunch of grappling, clinching, and tie-ups, but it finished with a bang! Two of them to be honest.

See for yourself. The big hit comes at around 8:19 in the following clip.

After all of the Nate Robinson fuss was blown across social media, another prevailing thought started to bubble up. What NBA player could possibly avenge the embarrassing fate that their NBA brethren, Nate Robinson, had met?

Nate Robinson was knocked out by Jake Paul on Saturday night. Could former Miami Heat forward, James Johnson, try his hand in the ring next?

The answer was one that was quickly arrived to. That answer was, overwhelmingly, former Miami Heat forward, James Johnson.

A second-degree blackbelt in Karate, Johnson has had 27 professional fights between MMA and Kickboxing. Among those, he has seven knockouts to his name.

Standing at about 6’9″ in shoes and at around 240 pounds, not only is Johnson said to be lethal as a martial artist, but he simply a giant of a man compared to regular people. Here, “regular people” includes guys like Jake Paul.

Something else to consider, Johnson’s nickname is Bloodsport. I am not sure that’s the guy I’d be rushing to go against in anything fight game related.

Would I want to see it though? Why yes, I would.

I can’t say for certain that we ever will, but there is this. After not Tweeting from his account in two years, since December of 2018 to be exact, Johnson had something to say on Saturday night.

Now, again, I can’t say whether this is a sign after obviously seeing his name brought up or if he was just so moved by what he saw, that he had to take to Twitter to say something. With a ton of exciting and world-tilting things having happened since then and he stayed silent, I would go for the first one.

We sure hope so. As a Miami Heat fan who has always liked JJ, who wishes he was never traded (although it had to be done), and who actually advocated for him to somehow make his back to the Miami Heat during this offseason, I would love to see him get in the ring and do his thing.

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We can only hope though. We can only wish.

This event was a success, so the opportunity should be there, as you imagine that all the involved parties will want to continue making piles of money off of these events. We have to wait around now to see if the opportunity for him to actually participate ever enters his atmosphere.

We will be watching. Closely.