Miami Heat: 1 Bold Prediction for Duncan Robinson’s 2020-21 season

Miami Heat guard Duncan Robinson (55) reacts after making a three-point shot (Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Heat guard Duncan Robinson (55) reacts after making a three-point shot (Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Miami Heat are no strangers to finding talent where no one else thought that it existed. That’s exactly what happened with Duncan Robinson.

The Miami Heat are a team that knows how to find talent. They do it all the time.

While it may be to the detriment of the fanbase, that’s why they believe that every guy that lands on the Heat’s radar or roster has a chance to be the next great player in the franchise. That’s the expectation that has been set because that’s been the situation for this Miami Heat franchise for quite some time now.

One of their latest finds or pearls, depending on how you want to look at it, is none other than Duncan Robinson. We all know the story by now, undrafted out of Michigan and that was only after starting his career out at a small Division III college before that.

That was then though. Now, he’s one of the most lethal shooters in the entire NBA, if not the most lethal of them all.

For us, we believed that was the case last year. However, with a fair amount of fans and people in the know not having been exposed to Duncan until the Miami Heat’s playoff run, it wasn’t widely received or acknowledged.

The Miami Heat are always finding talent out of nowhere. Duncan Robinson fits on that list.

This season though, we think it will be different. That leads us to his bold prediction for the upcoming season.

Duncan Robinson will, outright, be the best shooter in the NBA this season

That’s right! We said it.

While, again, there wasn’t a ton of people who knew about Duncan Robinson last season or at least how lethal of a shooter he was. Everyone knows now.

I expect that he will have looked to continue adding to his game over the break. Here are a few hopeful and notable areas of improvement.

First would be counter moves off his jumper off the handoff, as he often found himself in compromising positions when defenders found a way to contest. Also, you would like him to add another way to get the jumper off to his arsenal.

As mentioned, his shooting off the handoff and specifically from Bam Adebayo was downright lethal, as was his spot up, or even coming off the screen. He could stand to add a pull-up, one-dribble pull-up, or a go-to move to create space into the pull-up.

Either, two, or all three of those would help serve to take his game a really long way. You also hope that he has worked on his dribble-drive game, as that kind of counter should only help him to keep defenders on their toes.

dark. Next. For Beal or whoever, Duncan Robinson is untouchable

Duncan Robinson is a good player now, but these improvements could take him to multiple other levels. He should be the best shooter in the league this season though if he only makes a few of them and that is my bold prediction for his 2020-21 season.